Red Crystals and special event on reforging!

22 January 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Winter is almost over! Every day there is more and more activity in the Primezone. Scientists and researchers are predicting an upcoming "fiery weekend"! Which means, that now you can find valuable red crystals twice as often than usual in the Fair and the heat of the Talent Forge will allow you to reforge talents cheaper!

Three days of Legendary Crystals!

Legendary Crystals are a product of Prime and fire, what could be more mysterious and more valuable in Praia? But, like any other treasure, they are not that easy to get! Brave heroes fight for victories, as Lords make well considered decisions regarding the distribution of resources and the merchants renew their offers in the Fair ... and all that is happening just to acquire the legendary crystals!

Dear nobles! We are always considering your requests and wishes in detail. That`s why, we couldn't just ignore your desire to make crafting of legendary crystals easier for a limited amount of time! Therefore, just for you, during three days from 09:00h UTC on January 22nd till 09:00h on January 25th it will be twice as easy and cheap to get legendary crystals in the Fair!

  • Twice as many legendary crystals!
    • The Atmosphere of the "fiery weekend" has positively affected our merchants. The chance to get red (legendary) crystals in the Fair was increased by 2!
  • Price of the assortment reroll has been reduced by 2!
    • During the "fiery weekend" the price of the assortment reroll will be one Prime crystal instead of two! Renew the assortment in the Fair as much as you want!
  • Purchased slots remain permanently!
    • Protected by the forces of fire and Prime, the slots in the Fair remain permanently!

Event in the Talent Forge/Talent Garden

There is nothing better than changing something ordinary into something new. Especially when even the stars are on your side!

The popular event was slightly renewed: For the first time in the history of the legendary talents they can be reforged at a discount! Use legendary crystals from the Fair with more benefits - gather necessary sets for your favorite heroes with both our events!

  • Reforging a legendary talent to a legendary Talent - 5 legendary crystals instead of 8!
  • DReforging an exclusive talent to an exclusive Talent - 5 Prime crystals instead of 10!
  • Reforging a unique talent to an exclusive Talent - 6 Prime crystals instead of 12!

Onwards to victories!