Results of our last survey!

19 January 2016

Lords and Ladies,

А little over 2 month ago we ended our community survey. Since then we have been analyzing the results and discussed the valuable feedback you gave us. We are really glad about your high amount of participation and your desire to help us making Prime World even better. Just as studying the data took some time, due to your vivid attendance, working with this feedback also takes a while even though not all the changes mentioned by you can be implemented. In the meantime we want to share some of the results on average topics we have collected.

Overall, how would you rate the quality of Prime World?

In our survey you showed us that you are rather satisfied with the game but it also becomes clear that there are things to improve on as well. We are glad about your feedback and will continue to gather your opinions.

How long have you been playing the game?

A lot of the feedback we received was contributed by experienced, long term players. Do you remember your first impression of Prime World? When did you start playing?

How often (on average) do you play Prime World per week?

By far the highest rating on how often you play per week is 7 days! We are glad you play that often in one week. How long do you play on one day?

What is your highest hero rating?

The graphic shows how passionate and competitive you are about climbing with your heroes which we are very happy about!

How often would you like to see a new hero added to the game?

We are on track! Right now we are releasing the amount of heroes you like to discover each three month. We will continue to release heroes that often to make your game experience even more diversified. More nice and new characters will arrive in your castles in the future. Stay tuned for our updates on the website!

What are your most favorite heroes in the game?

Here you can see our player’s most popular heroes according to our survey:

We just can’t imagine how many heroic acts these heroes have accomplished under your guidance! But are they still your favourite warriors right now or have you maybe found a new hero that you like even more? That`s what we want to find out! And while we are already looking at the future of Prime World we are happy to announce that we plan another player survey this month!

Feel free to discuss our questions and the results here in the comments down below or in the special thread on our forum.

Onwards to victories!