Meet a new game in Praia’s universe!

11 January 2016

Lords and Ladies!

We are glad to announce, that the Praia universe continues growing beyond our PC game Prime World! Just recently, our colleagues have released Prime World: Defenders 2 — a tower defense genre game set in Praia for iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Prime World: Defenders 2 continues the best traditions of the original game, combining tower defense genre elements and collectible card strategy. At the same time, it also brings a lot of innovation to it — so much that it’s not just a continuation of the original game, it's a whole new game on a completely different level.

The basis of this tower defense genre — is the strategic alignment of defensive towers, repelling waves of attacking monsters on the games maze-levels. According to Nival`s tradition, this classic game mechanic is decorated and complemented with new elements.



«Even creating games on popular mechanics, we were always trying to add something new to it. More and more players prefer PvP now, which is why they choose multiplayer games. With Defenders 2, we aim to prove that a truly competitive environment is also possible in the tower defense genre.»

Sergey Orlovskiy, CEO and founder of Nival

Prime World: Defenders 2 will enable you to plunge into battle with the aggressive hordes of monsters and give you an opportunity to play the role of a brave stalker endearing the depths of the Primezone!


  • Collect all 40 unique towers and 20 deadly spells!
  • Customize your collection with Runes and create a perfect defense!
  • Use it to fight against a variety of horrible monsters and unique bosses!
  • Attack other players to expand the borders of your territory!
  • Accustomed to good weather? Will your defense survive on the night levels during storms or tornadoes?


Best 3D-graphics in it’s class, atmospheric Primezone locations, totems, anomalies, hunting, raids, sieges and unique mode of increased complexity!

Fight for prime on your tablet or smartphone!

The game is completely free and available for download:


Prime World Team