Current bonuses and Mimi available for silver now!

06 January 2016

Dear nobles!

We are glad to announce, that the new year’s magic continues in Prime World, which means that our festive bonunes will stay longer as well!

Hire Mimi for silver


As promised, starting on January 6th, Mimi is now available for silver. His price amounts to 750 000 Silver or 299 Gold. Lords and Ladies can hire Mimi from castle level 25 upwards.


Due to Mimi now being available for silver, the price for our previously released hero - Tu'Rehu - was reduced. You can now hire him for 500 000 Silver or 199 Gold.

Enjoy the new year’s magic!

We want to remind you of our current bonuses:

  • Heroes receive three times more experience in battle!
  • The amount of received resources in a battle was increased by three times, and the amount of talents by two times!

Moreover, all the festive offers are cumulative, which means that with Golden Age active, heroes will receive five times more experience and resources!

  • For completing daily quest-chains of three quests the reward will be 1 red (legendary) crystal for each quest. So the whole chain can reward you with 3 red (legendary) crystals.

Our festive bonuses will last until 9:00 UTC on January 11th.

Your Prime World Team