Winter magic continues!

30 December 2015

Lords and Ladies!

Magic has truly come to Praia! You can sense it in your castle as well as on the battlefields. The last month was filled with pleasant festive surprises and brought us some great innovations! The cute and extraordinary Mimi, new festive Skins, a new legendary talent set...Now all we need to do is to wait for the New Year to come!

At the request of the main magicians of this period, we solemnly declare:

  • The Frost Magician and Snowmaiden are offering a part of the special New Year's luck to everyone. However, you should hurry up - because their magic powers are limited by time! Visit the game from 13:00 UTC on 30.12.15 till 9:00 UTC on 03.01.16 and get 3 days of Golden Age for free!
  • Festive mood, joy and fun have beneficially impacted our heroes. From 13:00 UTC on 30.12.15 till 9:00 UTC on 11.01.16 heroes will receive three times more experience and resources in battle! Moreover, all the festive offers are cumulative, which means that with active Golden Age heroes will receive five times more experience and resources!
  • Of course, the New Year's magic wouldn’t leave such an important part of our game like talents unaffected! From 13:00 UTC on 30.12.15 till 9:00 UTC on 11.01.16 the amount of talents that can be received in battle will be doubled ! And with active Golden Age even four times! Hurry up to fill your library!
  • From today on and till 9:00 UTC on 11.01.16 the amount of daily quests in your castles will be increased to three, and the reward for completing becomes 1 red (legendary) crystal thanks to the winter magic!

Please, don’t forget that since the 22.12.15 and right now:

  • Wonderful Christmas trees are already available in the castles! They can be found in the bottom left corner of your castle by clicking on the "Construction" tab - then "Production" tab and after that choose the "Christmas Tree" and plant it!
  • In the castles as well as on the battlefields, new festive Skins appeared. Some of you may already be familiar with them, but some are brand new!
  • Fire Drake and Kitton turned their caves into real Snow forts !

Have fun!

Happy New Year,

Your Prime World Team