New Year offers and bonuses!

29 December 2015

Dear nobles!

Despite all the predictions and rumours, New Year will be celebrated in Praia! Right now, there is a carriage dashing through the snowy and bumpy forest roads. It is fully loaded with new artifacts and high percentage bonuses. Steered by a tall man wearing a red fur coat with a frosty and bushy beard, blinking his eyes because of the snowstorm, yet he looks into the distance smiling. The castle is already near! Welcome him and open the gate!

30% bonus on any account fill up!

Fill up your account by using any of the available payment methods and receive a bonus — 30% more gold!

  • The offer is valid until 9:00 UTC on January 5.
  • The bonus will be applied with a slight delay.
  • If paying via Steam the bonus can take a few days to be applied after the account fill up.

The Fair: Offer on the new legendary talents

Legendary conclusion of the year 2015! During the last three days of this year, until 15:00 UTC on December 31, merchants are arranging a festive lottery at the Fair, offering their customers an opportunity to acquire new talents from the legendary set "Legendmakers" for a festive price! The usual price whirlwind just turned into a real festive snowstorm - now the minimal price for a red talent is almost twice as cheap, from 70 to 40 prime crystals. Seize your chance and grab this lucky opportunity!


  • During these three days there will be only talents from the new legendary set "Legendmakers" among legendary talents in the Fair!
  • Festive prices - instead of 70-90 prime crystals for the red talent, the range is now set to 40-90 crystals! A real opportunity to get new legendary talents almost twice as cheap!
  • During the three days while these offers are valid, bought fields in the Fair will remain permanent!

Have fun!

Your Prime World Team