Mimi is in the game!

24 December 2015

Dear nobles!

Tonight! It all begins tonight! Well, at least the story of our newest hero - Mimi - begins tonight, since already this afternoon he has entered Prime World. Let us give you the details about him.

A question burning in many of your minds is probably: how much will Mimi cost and will you need to level up your castle to buy him with silver? Here’s the answer!

As you remember, with the introduction of Tu’Rehu not only have we abolished castle level-up as a necessary prerequisite for buying a new hero (as it used to be), but also lowered the castle level requirement for hiring new heroes with silver overall - to level 25. This change was made first and foremost in order to “level the playing field” between players with well-established castles and many years of experience in the world of Praia on one side and new players who have to spend at times several months in the game to reach the next castle level and access the new hero on the other.

However, hallmark features of Prime World have always been elements of the collectible card game genre (e.g. the talent system) as well as the development of the heroes not only on the battlefield, but also between battles. Thus, new content should have some kind of “entry barrier” - require players to invest something (be it playtime or gold) in order to unlock it, so that new content gives a feeling of “exclusivity” when it first appears.

Which lead us to the following decision:

In order to hire Mimi with silver, players have to complete a quest chain, which sets easy tasks but will take 7 days to complete.

The quest chain consists of 7 quests, the first of which will appear today. Each day at midnight (Moscow time) during the following week the next quest will appear. The last quest will appear on December 30. Players who complete the chain will unlock Mimi to be hired for 750 000 silver . The quest chain will remain available until January 2.

The last day the Mimi quest chain can be started is January 2. Otherwise, as usual, you can buy the new hero with gold on the day he appears in the game, for the price of 299 gold. Additionally, players who buy Mimi before December 30 will receive not only the hero himself, but also the exclusive new year skin “Grinches” for him as a bonus!

Standard requirements for hiring Mimi (buying with silver without having to complete the quest chain) will be available for all players with castle level 25+ from January 6.

Thus, in two weeks Mimi will be available for hire for all players - but first the new hero will enjoy some exclusivity. For he does want to be special - at least right after his appearance in Praia! And now that we have told you about the price of the hero and the requirements for hiring him with silver, let’s at last get to what he can do in battle!


“Don’t make me angry!”

The name of this passive skill of the cute little guy best describes what happens on the battlefield when Mimi is present.

When dealing or receiving damage the hero accumulates Fury. Upon gaining maximum Fury, Mimi transforms - the cute little critter grows several times in size and gains new destructive abilities, which instill fear in enemies and make them flee in terror.

Grrr! Verily - don’t make him angry!

However, Mimi can’t stay angry for too long. If he doesn’t deal or receive damage for 10 seconds, his Fury starts to decrease. For each lost unit of Fury the hero recovers a certain amount of Health.

Also, Mimi does not spend any resources for activation or use of his abilities.



Small and quick, Mimi cannot stay still. Pushing off with his strong tail, he jumps around all the time, dashing in and out of battle.
However, the hero is too light to deal any damage with his jumps.

With the upgrade, Mimi becomes invisible before the jump. Guess you’ll have to guess where he’ll jump to!

In his furious form, when using his first ability, Grrr not only moves with the jump, but also deals damage to enemies in the landing zone. With upgrade, the ability also slows all striken enemies for 4 seconds.


“Easy Prey!”

Even surrounded by enemies, the hero can find a way out!

Using the second active talent lowers the Stamina of all nearby enemies and deals damage to them over some time.

With upgrade the ability also stuns enemies who enter its range.

In Grrr form the hero jumps and lands with force in the same spot, sundering the ground and creating a shockwave which deals damage to all enemies nearby. The upgraded ability makes the shockwave stronger, knocking enemies into the air.



The little Mimi is rarely taken seriously by enemies. He is, however, full of surprises!

Activating the third ability allows the hero to become immune to all attacks. Additionally, the hero gains the ability to walk through them, dealing damage at the first touch.

Upgrading the ability makes the hero quicker, increasing his speed.

Activating the third ability in Grrr form, the hero uses his growl to instill fear in his enemies and reduce the damage from their attacks. The upgraded ability transforms fear into terror, making surrounding enemies feeble and unable to use any abilities for 2 seconds.

“Defend Yourself!”

The last, passive ability of the hero. In the furious form, Grrr increases his defensive characteristics, becoming an even more formidable foe.

Upgrading the ability allows the hero to emanate a terror-inducing aura during transformation, which makes the surrounding enemies panic.

We hope that with this news we answered your most important questions about Mimi. Meet the new hero - and see you on the battlefield!

Your Prime World Team