Adventures of Pixie and Frosty!

22 December 2015

“I shouldn’t have said that. I should not have said that” repeated Immortal to himself, as he struggled through the woods to find the Biggest Christmas Tree on a lost bet. Why did he think he could carve an ice sculpture faster than Vixen? Probably because it was a cosy evening after a wonderful winter day, everyone frolicked through the snow, looking forward to the holidays, and then relaxed in front of the big castle fireplace. Vixen sure was precise with her fire…

Anyway, it was at this fireplace that Shadow showed them an old scroll she dug up, which told a story, maybe a tradition to decorate the Castle with the Biggest Christmas Tree, which grows deep in the Primeforest. Then, after Blizzard suggested going outside to carve some ice sculptures, it was the first thing on his mind to suggest as a bet to Vixen.

A loud noise disturbed Immortals thoughts. As he drew his sword and looked around, he saw just what he was looking for - that was definitely the Biggest Christmas Tree around. Atop it sat a girl and made loud noises with a tweeter (one could hardly call it playing). As the Hero approached, she flapped her wings and descended from the tree, sending up whirls of fairy dust from her wings everywhere.

Some of the fairy dust settled on Immortal, yet he was too preoccupied to notice - he was watching intently as one of the snowdrifts came alive. The intense watching didn’t help him much, since the big yeti armored in ice was amazingly fast for his appearance. While yeti’s attacks knocked him off balance, the fairy dust tried to pull him away from the tree. However, Immortal was not a hero for nothing, so he dug in and persevered.

As the snow and fairy dust settled down, the fairy-winged girl and the Yeti did not hide their surprise: “You’re no common human, to withstand our magic like that!”
“‘Human’” laughed Immortal “Right! That’s hilarious” And while grinning at the frowning fay, Immortal remembered, that the scroll said something about guardians of the Tree - the mischievous Pixie and the grim Frosty, who make sure no one takes the Tree away.

The first trial was apparently finding the tree, the second - trial by combat - seemed done as well, since none of the guardians tried to attack Immortal further.
“Well, do I get the tree now?” asked Immortal, leaning against his sword. “We’ve got a big castle, it’ll have enough room. And we’ll decorate it all pretty too!”

The guardians looked at each other, then Pixie said defiantly “Fine. But we’re coming with you! Without our magic the tree will disappear and you’ll never find it again! So let’s go, show us that castle of yours.”

Name: Pixie
Base hero: Fay / Fairy Queen
Feature: new voice over
Price: 29 gold

Available for purchase only until 09:00 UTC on January 11th 2016!

Name: Frosty
Base hero: Freeze
Feature: new voice over
Price: 69 gold