The Patch 10.7 will be installed!

21 December 2015

Tomorrow, on December 22nd, from 4:00 till 10:00 UTC, our servers will be offline for maintenance. During this time, the new Patch 10.7 will be installed.

Not only will this patch bring the spirits of New Year’s to Praia. During the last weeks, starting with the winter story contest, we had prepared small wintery quests for you to solve. Now, as promised at the beginning of this month, it is time to present you the grand finale of the winter events!

In addition to red talents, which which we have introduced earlier, Patch 10.7 will also include the following:

Christmas tree!

Is it possible to ignore such an important symbol of the upcoming holiday? Of course not!

In honor of the Christmas and New Year holidays, our players will be able to build a special festive building – the Christmas tree! Of course, like everything that surrounds us during this pre-holiday time, this Christmas tree isn`t just an ordinary fir, it is magical. It will create two Prime crystals every 8 hours, which doubles if the castle is currently in the Golden Age.


Snowball fight!

Even in the midst of intense battle, there is time for some holiday fun!

A special subject is already being delivered to the shops — «Snowball».



  • It costs 50 Prime;
  • It strikes the first hero that gets in its way;
  • This blinds the enemy for 3 seconds, and if he was already under this effect, the enemy will be stunned for one second;
  • If the Snowball strikes an ally, it restores 50 health and removes a negative effect;
  • Cooldown: 30 sec.;
  • This is not a single-use item. Buy it once, and snowballs can be used throughout the battle.

New festive Skins!

In this fabulous time, everyone can meet amazing and magical Heroes! Some of them are already familiar to the residents of Praia, but some are brand new!

The following Skins will already be available for purchase by tomorrow:

  • Frost Magician;
  • Snowmaiden;
  • Solstace;
  • Merry Scout.

And of course our new skins! Stay tuned for more news about them tomorrow!

The Skins will be available for purchase only until 09:00 UTC on January 11.

Please note that the main festive surprise — Mimi — will appear in the castles later this week.

Enjoy the magic of Christmas in Praia!