May the force be with you — New skins in Praia!

17 December 2015

- Today your hairstyle looks charming as never!

The Wanderer offered the Archer his hand, inviting her to come down the stairs.

- Thank you! - she coquettishly corrected her left bun and took his hand. - I see you have changed your usual sword to an elegant primesaber in honor of today`s premiere?

- I just wanted to bring a part of the play to our world! - laughed Wanderer.

In joyful anticipation, they hurried to the open arena of the main theater: Ardea. The closer to the theater, the more crowded the avenue became: the audience gathered from all directions, and many of them were wearing costumes and elements of their favorite characters.

- Will we still get tickets? - worried the Archer.

- Don`t worry, I have bought tickets a few weeks ago - assured the Wanderer.

Indeed, judging by the number of viewers, not all of them would be able to catch the first glimpse which would start in a few minutes. But no one looked upset or worried - people and heroes had fun, greeted each other, made jokes and laughed, everyone could feel the sense of celebration in the air.

It really was a holiday! For the first time in many years, one of the most favorite troops of Praia’s audience gave a performance again - and not just a normal performance, but a continuance of their most popular saga, which began as a single piece, but eventually stretched into several pieces with premieres every few years. Despite the fact that in consequence of their merits the troop was ranked to the Adornian Royal Theatre, originally its lineup was mixed, which is why the people on both sides of the border could feel proud of "their" actors and troop. Even during the war between the Doct Empire and Adornian Kingdom the troop could seamlessly continue its tours. But when the mist came - the whole troop had disappeared. One day they just didn`t arrive to the performance in the city named Fichter. At first no one was worried - at that time travels in the unexplored mist often led to unintended delays. However the troop didn`t show up even after a few days, a month, a year ... No one wanted to have bad thoughts - after all, there were cases when travelers came out of the mist even after they had spent more time there, but still they didn’t return. Yet, deep down almost everyone was sure about the fact that they would most likely never see the continuance of their favourite saga again.

Imagine the excitement in Praia, when the troop showed up in its full line-up near the Gridwald. All the actors were alive and healthy, and even more - full of creative enthusiasm!

According to the leader's words, during their travel they got an idea for continuing their favourite saga. They will have it finished soon and then immediately present it to the public.

Finally the day of the premiere had arrived! Joyful excitement and impatience which were growing during the last week had reached its maximum. There were several performances planned only in Ardea and after that the troop will tour the cities and villages, in adornian and dokt lands. This time the tours of the troop coincided with the winter festivity, which adds an extra festive note to the already joyful excitement.

- Well, shall we go to the hall?

- Wait a minute!.. - Archer looked around taking in everything carefully: the crowd shouting of happiness, this sense of celebration, the first notes of crystal frost in the air - and joyful longing of the soul before a new and at the same time old, exciting and favorite fairytale. - Just a minute, I want to remember this moment forever…


Proud Rebelleia raised her bow up into the air and turned to her squad. "For the freedom!" - her shrill scream sounded. She saw more and more dark silhouettes nimbly sliding down the slope. This attack would end the danger once and for all. A danger to freedom, honor and to the prospect of a nice and peaceful life. She drew an arrow and aimed, holding her breath...

She was raised to be a leader since her childhood. As the only heir to one of the wealthiest lords, she had received the best education possible: she has perfect knowledge in economics, politics, psychology, conflict management and other disciplines required to rule the lands and people. Although at very young age Rebelleia was reputed to be a tomboy, which strangers often mistook for a maid, rather than a successor of a lord only because of her appearance, that was showing the imprints of all her exciting adventures. When she got older, she became more mature, but also still kept her independent character. Upon reaching her maturity, her father handed the reins of power to her and retired. While being run by the smart and open-hearted girl their fiefdom reached a prosperity like never before. She concluded lucrative alliances with all the neighboring fiefdoms, increased Prime production and didn't forget about the ordinary people, generously sharing the new wealth of land with them. Everything was going fine - until the invasion...

Enemies appeared out of nowhere - they literally descended from the stars. In the light of heavy metal armor and with powerful weapons, they quickly subjugated fiefdom after fiefdom. At first, the young Lady was trying to fight back, but when he saw how bloody the resistance was for her people, she decided to surrender. But she only gave up on paper - the next day the girl escaped with a detachment of bodyguards from the castle into the woods to organize a guerrilla war against the invaders. It was a success, she gradually united all the resistance forces under her guidance.

... An arrow had reached it’s goal with a metallic sound. Rebelleia grabbed the next one, but ... suddenly she felt a heavy hand on her shoulder and a second one clamping over her mouth. "We caught her, my general!" - She heard a muffled voice under a heavy military helmet. "Excellent! Now, she will tell us everything. Including the most important thing - the location of the rebel’s base. Rebelleia bit the hand holding her and jumped a step. "You will not get a single word from me!" - With proudly blazing eyes, she spat out these words to someone who everyone called "My General". "We'll see...we'll see..."

Name: Rebelleia
Base hero: Archer/Amazon
Features: new voiceover
Price: 69 gold


The Wanderer glanced at his companion. She seemed to be completely excited by what was happening on stage. He looked down and saw how the Archer’s fingers were moving involuntarily as if she was trying to help the actors on stage, sending them invisible arrows.The Wanderer smiled and continued enjoying the performance.

Lightwalking peacekeepers - was the name of the knights order from the stars. They possess exceptional strength, including the ability to cause unprecedented damage, their only goal was - peace. Where the conflict threatened to erupt into war, they were invited to avoid it. Where war seemed to be inevitable, they appeared by themselves.

A knight of this order was worth hundreds of ordinary soldiers. They could set a building on fire and turn it into dust with only their eyes, they were able to subdue the mind and will of other people, raising whole squads in the air and of course fight. The Lightwalking peacekeepers used a special weapon - sabres made of pure Prime and not of the usual one, they brought this Prime from the stars, which is why it was way more powerful. Knights could subordinate all the stars and people who lived on them for a long time, if they wanted to. But the main motto of their order was: "We are strong, in order to protect the weak". They have used their power only for peaceful purposes - to prevent death and destruction wherever possible and punish evil wherever it was needed. Some time after the starship landed in Praia, Lightwalkers also appeared there - the only hope for a good ending of the war...

Name: Lightwalker
Base hero: Wanderer
Features: new voiceover
Price: 69 Gold

Everyone was watching what was happening on the stage. Of course, everything has to end well - how else could it be? - But...but...everything they had experienced so far seemed, as if a real, terrible war against the invaders from the stars took place in their lands, as if right now they didn't just watched the show but went to the last battle for the honor and freedom of Praia.

Finally, the show ended. The actors bowed several times and the orchestra played a special march which traditionally started and ended each piece again and again. The audience continued to applaud. It seemed as if even the stars in the sky flashed a little brighter. Or were these just the glances of invisible Lightwalkers?...


Returning from the show Archer was smiling like a child but then suddenly fell into a reverie, as if she was listening to something that was happening around her.

- Excellent, an excellent performance! - Wanderer circled around her occasionally grabbing his sword and doing the famous steps of the Lightwalker Order.

- Yes, it was great! You know ... - Archer paused, trying to choose the right words. - I feel like tonight has changed me forever. As if I would never be the same... - Nervously, she laughed a little bit. - I look pretty foolish right now, don’t I?

- No, not at all. - Wanderer rapidly became serious. - I don't think so. On the contrary, I think I really understand what you are talking about.