Who do we have here? A new hero — Mimi!

16 December 2015

Warriors of Praia!



UPD: We have made the decision to not change the "Witchcraft" set in patch 10.7. Especially because there are still some more changes that need to be added to this set.


Today we are ready to tell you more about the upcoming Patch 10.7 and lift the veil of secrecy over one of the most important surprises!

Not so long ago we told you that we will try to produce at least one new hero every three months. We have released our last hero — Tu`Rehu — just a month ago, but…We really wanted to please you with something new, unique and completely different from every hero that we already have in Praia! Therefore, without stopping our work on the release of Tu`Rehu, all this time we were also busy creating our next hero, in order to release him for the winter holidays.

Meet our new hero — Mimi!


This time we have decided not to tease your imagination with just a hero silhouette as usual, instead we present to you the final concept. This is just a small part of the work done by our artists - the final and approved version of it.

There were different versions of the "sweet" form and "evil" monster, heated debates, heated discussions ... In the process of development and production, from the initial drawings to the final testing, the whole Prime World Team watched day by day how an interesting idea turns into a real Hero, and that charged us with positive for the whole day!

Anticipating your questions, we want to say that in the course of the fight, Mimi can really change its appearance. And not just that! With the change of the shape all of the hero’s "native" talents are changing too!

We want to close the first glimpse of our new hero with his own words: "Hurrah, hurray, hurray, let us go to play!"