Changes in the Fair!

11 December 2015

Lords and ladies!

Can you feel the special ambience of the most important holiday of the year? Christmas is coming! Heroes prepare for the tournament to win the title of best warrior, whether it is on battlefields or sporting events, new talents appear randomly in the Prime Zone, invulnerable champions of Praia visit the Lords ... And of course we will have Christmas fairs and other events as well!

Renewed fair


  • More permanent fields in the fair!

    Starting today, we increase the number of fields which are permanently active in the fair, so they are permanently available for renewal! From now on you can use three compartments and not just two as it has been before.

    Additionally, on top of the doubled experience and awards for battles when starting a Golden Age, the number of indefinitely renewable subjects will also double and there are no fewer than six renewable offers!

  • More talents for Heroes!

    We would also like to remind you that the main goal of the fair is to simplify acquiring the required talents for your favorite heroes.

    Now it is much easier to get the desired exclusive (orange) and legendary (red) talents! Until Christmas, the merchants will open their treasure chests and offer a wide variety of valuable and rare talents, thus increasing the chance to find exactly what you need!

    As a consequence, the number of offers of "ordinary" resources in the fair will decline slightly, but such offers will still remain available for every player. The appearance of legendary crystals in the offers is not influenced.

  • New prices for Silver!

    The last adjustment to the market are the new prices for silver. would risk completely ruining the economy of Praia. In order to keep the value of the main currencies stable, the merchants and traders adjusted their rates compared to the other offers on the market.

    Now you can exchange resources for silver at the following exchange rate:

    • Between10 000 and 15 000 silver for 45 000-50.000 resources or 2 Prime crystals.
    • 25 000 silver for 60 000-90 000 resources or 3-4 Prime crystals.