Christmas Sale of Prime Crystals!

11 December 2015

Dear Nobles!

The merchants say that a nimble and playful festive spirit ran away from the pantries. Did you see him? He wears a hat with bells and holds a spruce branch in his hand. No? Well, that’s not surprising - he does not like to be seen. You can only find the coins he leaves in the castle.

Traders want to bring back that spirit! How would they live without the festive spirit? Therefore, all players who find the coins and then pass it to the merchants will receive a large discount on the purchase of prime crystals!

Hurry up! Only during this search you can buy Prime crystals in the castle at a 25% discount!

You can get a total of 25 Prime crystals instead of 20 only for 10 Gold and prepare for the upcoming tournament — or find a necessary talent in the renewed Fair! But do not forget about the two coins, оwhich the festive spirit left as a gift for all the lords and ladies — hey can be exchanged for 5 Prime crystals!

The offer lasts until 14 December, 09:00 UTC! Please note that the number of crystals after every purchase will be increased on 5 crystals.

Discount is available when buying crystals in the window of the context purchase. To access it, click the "+" button near the icon of prime crystal on resources panel in the upper right corner of your castle.

Do not miss out on this unique opportunity!