Arena — tournament in a new format. Now with leagues!

11 December 2015

Dear nobles!

Meet the new and improved version of the new tournament format — the Arena! We did our best to improve upon the oversights of the the recent test tourney and to account for your suggestions on the format as a whole. One could say we present you with the beta-version of the soon-to-be-permanent system. We might introduce some minor changes into the specifics of the Arena mechanics, but overall the actual format is close to what will be the final version.

So, what awaits us now?


As opposed to the previous free-for-all tourney, the Arena will see the introduction of Leagues — bronze, silver and golden. Neither hero power, nor rating will affect the entry to any of the Leagues. Only your tournament successes will determine the League you belong to. To be promoted to a higher league, you will have to win a certain number of battles without defeat.

Players of different leagues will not meet each other in tournament combat. If a pre-made group consists of players in different leagues, tournament matchmaking will be disabled.

Progression between leagues and tournament dates

Season — is a three-week period, which consists of two weeks for the bronze and silver leagues and ends in a weekend dedicated to the golden league. In the week with the golden league of the current season, the next season begins.

The workdays of the first two weeks of a season are dedicated to the bronze league. Weekends — to the silver league. The amount of attempts to enter the higher league — is unlimited. Every player has two weeks to prove that they are worthy of the golden league.

If a player does not complete a league in one season, they are demoted to a lower league. If the league requirements are met in time, the player is promoted to the next one. The winners of the golden league proceed directly into the golden league for the next season.

Tournament progress

As before, winning tournament matches without defeats earns the player a promotion to higher leagues, grounds for demotion and the league duration are separate for each league.


Victory requirements

Effect of defeat


At least 7 victories

Return to 2 stages before


5 victories without defeat

Return to league start


4 victories without defeat

Return to league start

Tournament map schedule

Since we have players all over the world, we offer three timeframes for the tournament matches, so all of our players can choose a time that suits them best. The Arena will be available during the following hours:

  • From 05:00 till 07:00 UTC (2 hours)
  • From 10:00 till 12:00 UTC(2 hours)
  • From 16:00 till 19:00 UTC (3 hours)

Team composition

Only full groups of 5 players can access the tournament - and all 5 players have to be in the same league.


Upon finishing a league, the player will receive a reward. The higher the league, the bigger the reward:

  • Bronze league: 30 prime crystals
  • Silver league: 40 prime crystals
  • Golden league: 100 Gold, 20 legendary crystalsas well as the unique tournament skin for the hero Highlander/Immortal.

The second coming of the repeating tournament will commence next week. Time to gather your team, train the heroes and muster your strength!

Onwards, to victories!