Football skins are in Praia again!

10 December 2015

Dear nobles!

As winter comes into power, people take out skis, sharpen their skates and ready their sleds - while summer sports go on hiatus for the cold season. Or do they? December 10th has been declared by the UN as the world football day, and in Praia we take every season’s best - with no hiatus! Great battles and elated victories throughout the year!

Today, in honor of the world football day, the agile Halfback (Ha'ka/Da'ka), quick Forward (Amazon/Archer) and reliable Striker (Prince of Thieves/Duelist) are ready to enter the battle!

Meet Praia’s Champions!

Skins are available till 09:00 UTC on 14. December
Each of three Skins costs - 99 Gold

Get your team in the field!

On the battlefield, like in sports, team spirit plays a very important role!

We invite all football fans - and others! - to participate in a contest. The task is simple: go into battle in a group of 3-5 players, whereby the characters have to represent all three of the football skins.

You then need to take a group screenshot and write a short description in the style of typical football tv-commentary. Post this screenshot with the description on our forums in the appropriate thread.

The most active and creative participants will be rewarded with gold and prime crystals!

The contest will run until 20:59 UTC on 14. December.

Let’s do this!