Winter awakening!

08 December 2015

Lords and Ladies!

Winter already envelops Praia in its cold embrace. In some places her presence is barely noticeable, in others forests and fields are already adorned by snow and rime. Fluffy clouds disperse glittering snowflakes that gracefully float through the cold air.

The time before christmas is of course a time of magic and old legends. The holidays draw closer and the expectation of wonderful gifts grows greater day by day.

Castles are full of rumours - they say one could already see a lean girl with wings of rime, leaving gifts on tree branches… Children find sweets under their pillows and Heroes… well, this remains to be seen!


Today we launch a special gift quest chain, which will reward you with talents from the exclusive orange set “Awakening”.

For the whole week, at 12:00 UTC, a new quest in the chain will unlock. The previous will still be there, no worries! You can complete them until 12:00 UTC on December 14.

The rewards for the quests grow like a snowball! For quests 1-3 you will receive one talent, quests 4 and 5 - two talents, for the final 6th quest you will receive three talents! Thus, for the whole chain you can earn 10 exclusive talents !

Onwards, to victories! Winter is coming to Praia!