Shiny. Bright and deadly!

03 December 2015

Steady breathing. Breathe in, raising the bow, straighten the shoulders and spread the arms, drawing the string to her cheek, a momentary concentration on the mark… let the string loose between heartbeats, breathe out while the arrow finds its target.
The girl stopped and listened. No, it was nothing. Not a twig cracked under her feet as she approached the hare pinned to a tree stump by her arrow. Good, today they won’t have to cook the same lenten soup.

Fire drew dancing shadows on her face. Her trusty old friend - the composite laminate bow fastened on her back, - rose above her shoulder like a broken wing. The daily ritual of checking arrow balancing, fletching, tips was in progress. Those who betrayed her had special arrows reserved for them. Those she pulled out of the bodies of her family.

Dark, moonless night. The girl smiled. Her goal was closer than it has ever been before. All those responsible for that dreadful day were gathered in the old mansion before her. Two years she tracked those who pretended to be friends but betrayed without a second thought. Two years spent on her feet in woods and villages, waiting for an opportunity.

The faint whistling was not enough to warn of the approaching death, as her arrows surely sought out their victims. The girl did not hesitate either, nocking another arrow, drawing, loosing like she trained so many times. Only somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered at the fragility of life. A quiet whistling, and another soul fades into darkness. And those were the people she believed to be monsters out of nightmares? These squishy, panicking, mortal people - managed to deprive her of all she cared for?

Only one of them survived the deadly rain of steel and snuck up to her. She simply smiled, stepping under the heavy slash of his sword. In her hand, a vial with the essence of fire-weed burst easily under pressure of her fingers, letting loose the indomitable element.
Wild flames engulfed her and her last opponent, burning hot and bright - yet not as hot as the vengeance that blazed inside her heart.

A week later, out of the forest came no more a girl - but a hero, nurtured by the flames. The composite bow rose above her shoulder like a broken wing.

Name: Shiny
Grundheld: Archeress / Amazon
Preis: 49 Gold