Damsel. Even a smile can be dangerous!

03 December 2015

“Little demon” - that’s what they called the daughter of the famous Lord at court, whenever she got caught causing mischief again. “Stop being an embarrassment for me!” he screamed at her, when another teacher resigned because of her unruly temper. “The world has never seen such a rascal!” scolded her her mother, but she just smiled and ran off from the family castle to another adventure. At the age of six she could swear like the dirtiest of sailors. At the age of nine she cost the garrison captain an eye with a targeted stone-throw. With twelve she has asserted dominance over all the town scum. Most of all, however, the Damsel liked not the fighting and not the obedience of the town vagrants - it was the organized raids of the town markets. During those, the local low-lives - under the command of the young Damsel - stormed the market, picking up everything they liked - or everything they could carry. It didn’t take Damsel long to understand the worth of money and the importance of her social status. Looking at the dirty thieves and the wretched fighting over a piece of stolen bread, she knew that she should use what was given to her to its full extent. Soon she returned to the family castle, to the joy of her mother and father.

Damsel knew, that in order to get at the real treasures of this world, one has to adapt to one’s prey, adopt its habits, manners of communication, earn their trust. The highest stakes are in the world of the aristocracy, so she had to learn etiquette, create social connections, take in the world that her parents passed on to her. Growing older, the girl learned to use her female charm. Unfortunately for her, she did not have much opportunity to use it freely, since soon after her reaching a mature enough age her parents arranged her marriage to a heir of an influential Lord. Her opinion was irrelevant, and no amount of protesting or trying to charm her father could alter the decision.

“I can’t spend my life as some court cluck!” - with this thought in mind she set in motion her greatest plot yet. After waiting for her father to descend to the prime inductor in the basement, she charmed the guards, picked the locks and followed him into the forbidden chambers. Her target were the hero catalysts. She planned to exchange the greatest treasure she thought her father had for her freedom.

Closing the heavy iron door behind her, Damsel stepped on the spiral stair leading down into the basement, where the prime inductor and the hero catalysts were kept hidden from prying eyes. The further she went, the louder was a low droning noise coming, it seemed, from all sides. At the bottom of the staircase, the Prime vault amazed her with its turquoise glow. Weaving tubes, large and small, containers, pults, coils - everything was lit by a faint turquoise light coming from the heart of the room - the crystal sphere of the Prime inductor, set in heavy iron. Enthralled, she stepped closer, all her previous plans soon forgotten. Prime called to her, drew her closer. The world around her seemed to lose all colour, sounds were muffled and far away. Nothing was of importance but the turquoise glowing sphere, a precious star that her father kept from her all these years. A heavy hand gripped her shoulder. Torn from her trance, she looked up hazily into the sad tired eyes of her father. He saw into hers and knew that nothing will ever be the same. His daughter was destined to be a hero.


Name: Damsel
Base hero: Duelist / Prince of Thieves
Features: new voiceover, female sex
Price: 99 gold