Come up with a name for our new skin!

02 December 2015

Dear players!

Many of you would like to leave a permanent impression in the world of Praia and we finally want to give you such an opportunity! This time you, our players, can exert a direct influence on the creation of our new skin. This time you can present us, what you think would be the most appropriate name for the new skin of the most popular hero - Faceless/Phantom.

It is not hard to guess that we talk about a female skin for the hero Faceless/Phantom.

The task is the following:
Until 10 December you can invent some variants of the new skin names and post them in a special topic in the forum or send them to us in the form of a private message to our Facebook page.


  1. While the players’ best suggestion will become the name for our new skin, the player will also receive 100 gold and the skin on the day of its release.
  2. The player whose idea takes 2nd place will receive 50 gold and the new skin.
  3. The player whose suggestion takes 3rd place will be rewarded with 30 gold as well as the new skin.

Other cool or interesting suggestions, which could not be chosen, will be rewarded with other, neat awards.


Terms of Participation

1) When and where:

  • 1.1 Post your suggestions in a special thread in our forum or send us a personal message on Facebook.
  • 1.2 Your suggestions will be accepted till 10th December 2015.

2) Rules regarding your suggestions:

  • 2.1 The name must not be insulting.
  • 2.2 The name should fit the hero's character and be in line with the appearance of the skin.
  • 2.3 Suggestions with too many mistakes will not be accepted

3) How we choose from the ideas:

  • 3.1 Every participant can present several ideas, however only one idea can win.
  • 3.2 The developer team reserves the right to change the suggestions on their own discretion.
  • 3.3 Nival reserves the right to name the skin on own discretion should none of the presented names correspond to the company’s perception.