Patch 10.6.1

01 December 2015



Discovering an intelligence build for Tu’Rehu was easier than first planned

The damage dealt by the cursed Hr’Amin proved large enough that, in the two weeks since its release, this hero has become the most desired character on the team. Tu’Rehu’s mechanics is very closely connected with how much health he is missing. This is the hero’s main characteristic, so we decided to reduce his damage without harming his core feature.

«Violent Takeover»

  • Damage reduced by 25%


  • Health regeneration is reduced by 15% for each 5% health lost.
  • Fixed a bug where health regeneration on native terrain was increased by Strength and not by Intellect as intended.


Woodsman/Witch Doctor

We decided to strengthen the Woodsman in update 10.6, making him easier to control and allowing him to boost one of his base characteristics without resorting to the stamina

As it turned out, the changes only half-worked. Using trees became more difficult, since they don’t have enough defense to perform very well. Because of this, we’ve more than doubled the defensive stats of the trees (from Strength/Intellect).

«Wicked Tree»

  • The amount of Stamina and Will the tree receives, from Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater), after Otik’s Call has been increased by 120%.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Wicked Tree not to attack heroes who had Tu’rehu’s Violent Takeover ability used on them previously in the same battle.



The 15% global reduction of ability growth proved enough to bring Phantom down to earth

An additional 15% nerf of his dagger was too much and made Phantom too weak when compared to the other slayers. So we increased the damage of Blade of Darkness by 15%, which offset the reduction made in 10.6. Just to clear it up, the global reductions of the efficiency grow made earlier for Phantom are still in effect (as they are for all heroes).

«Blade of Darkness»

  • Damage increased by 15%



As some of you have doubtless noticed, these heroes did not have their defensive stat growth reduced in the global defense rebalance. Will and Stamina will now increase correctly.



Desperado’s Molten Barrel and Whirlwind abilities now correctly boost the hero’s speed.




  • Now this ability will always go into cooldown correctly. 


New Skins

Damsel – new look for Prince of Thieves/Duelist

Features: new voiceover, sex change
Cost: 99 gold


Shiny – new look for Archer/Amazon

Cost: 49 gold



  • Fixed a bug where, in the pre-match window, you could switch between talents tabs after pressing the “Ready” button, allowing players to inadvertently enter battle, with a false or even with a blank talent panel.
  • Increased the castle population awarded by the Manor/Mansion to the population needed to upgrade all castle buildings to their max levels. Now castle population will increase by 63 every level from level 151 up.
  • Fixed the display of hero stats in the Hall of Fame when switching to it from the 2nd or 3rd talent tab.
  • The auto-fill button in the Forge will no longer insert rare (blue) or unique (purple) talents located in inactive talent tabs.
  • The hero’s name under his portrait in the hero ribbon is now colored with the color of his most powerful build.

Have fun!

Your Prime World Team