Black Friday! The cheapest weekend of the year!

27 November 2015

Warriors of Praia!

Black Friday, the last Friday in November – the day of the lowest prices and most interesting events, which opens the holiday season of final sales. Customers rush to the shops to renew their wardrobe, buy new things, procure cheap household appliances, or equip their homes with more modern equipment of every kind. Black Friday in Prime World offers all players the opportunity to enrich the number of their fighters and equip their heroes with new talents!

Have a look, what awaits you on this most beneficial weekend of the year:

50% discount on Heroes and Skins for Gold!

Hire new heroes or give an already serving hero a fresh outfit! Now or never!

  • 50% Off hiring heroes for für Gold (except for Desperado and Tu`Rehu)
  • 50% Off skins for the heroes (valid for all skins except default skins for each faction)

50% discount on reforge of purple and orange Talents

Too many inefficient talents especially for your playstyle in your library? Go to the Talent Forge / Talent Garden! All of these three days you can reforge such talents twice as cheap:

  • Reforging an unique (purple) talent in an exclusive (orange) Talent costs only 6 instead of 12 crystals.
  • Reforging an exclusive (orange) talent in an exclusive (orange) Talent costs only 5 instead of 10 crystals.

Special action in the Market!

Perhaps the most exclusive offer! For the Black Friday, which is dedicated to the heroes and their equipment, the merchants have put out many interesting good on the Fair tables - talents of various quality! Of all the possible resources, there are only prime crystals left in the Fair – for the standard exchange rate of the Fair. Most important here: within these 3 days all Lords and Ladies have a chance to thoroughly consider what could be found on the market! The renewal of subjects is extremely cheap and cost only 1 unit of Silver, so it can be renewed countless times. Selected fields are not turning inactive, after each renewal there will appear some new goods, so that each of you can scroll through the range until it has a necessary or long-awaited talents!

  • Renewal will cost only 1 unit Silver instead of 2 crystals!
  • Selected fields are not turning inactive after each renewal, there will appear some new goods!

The Black Friday comes to Praia on 27. November at 09:00 UTC. If you were already logged into the game at the beginning of this offer, please restart your game.

Have fun!
Your Prime World Team