2 days of Golden Age!

24 November 2015

Warriors of Praia!

We thank you for your patience during the problems with the matchmaking last week. After maintenance on our game servers on Saturday morning,November 21. the situation was stabilized. We have also implemented some scheduled maintenance on Monday, November 23. In this period, we actively monitored the situation and are glad to tell you that this issue was completely solved. We also thank all those players who have sent us their logs, to help us fix this server problem as quickly as possible.

As an expression of our gratitude for your help and for your patience we would like to reward you with 2 days Golden Age as compensation for all the inconvenience! Just like the last time everyone can claim his reward at any time that it is the most convinient for you. To activate the Golden Age, you have to hand over only 1 unit of Food and press Take Reward button. The quest is running until November 30th.

We would also like to inform you, that we will start an offer on reforging purple and orange talents at a discount in the Talent Forge / Talent Garden, which is so popular among many of our players! Please don`t forget that all the rewards for battles, — resources, experience and talents — are doubled till the end of the month and with activated Golden Age the bonus will be stacked, so you’ll get x4 for all the rewards. During the forthcoming offer on reforging, you can not only equip your heroes with the most efficient talents, but also reforge other not so useful talents into more valuable!

Thanks for staying with us!

Prime World Team