Status regarding the current game problems

16 November 2015

Dear players!

On November 13, Patch 10.6 was installed on our game servers. It included a massive number of updates, especially a number of new features, which were made in order to let you enjoy the game even more. Unfortunately, after its installation, a part of our players faced not only the great new features - additional talent-tabs, rebalance, simpler conditions for purchasing heroes and another Khr'Amin - but also some really annoying problems:

  • Spontaneous game shut down. The problem appeared especially on Saturday, November 14th. We’ve immediately started maintenance in order to find a solution for this problem and now the issue no longer emerges for the majority of our players. Nevertheless, there are some recurring cases – so we are still working on completely fixing this issue.
  • Low rewards for battles. Currently, many players get considerably smaller rewards for battles in Borderlands (for both victory and defeat). These aren’t planned changes to the game economy as some of you might think - no, this is a technical issue. We have found the cause of this problem and are currently preparing a hotfix. A small update, which we plan to install this week, will resolve this issue. As compensation for your deserved, but not received talents and resources, we will double all rewards in the Borderlands for a week when implementing said update. For the maintenance on Saturday we will give out one day of Golden Age to all our players.
  • Once again we would like to remind you that in the preparation window there is a risk of entering battle with the wrong build (including an empty tab, which contains nothing but class talents). This will occur if you switch tabs after confirming that you are ready to fight. This disadvantage of the new interface will be solved in the near future, as well as some other inaccuracies (e.g. lack of information about the "energy / health drain" in the hero interface).

We apologize to everyone who has experienced the mentioned problems and we would like to assure you that solving these issues currently has top priority for our programmers. In addition, we are now preparing a F.A.Q with your most urgent questions about 10.6, which will be published soon.

Thank you for staying with us!
Your Prime World Team