Patch 10.6

13 November 2015

The maintenance is over and we present patch 10.6 - new hero much-awaited massive hero rebalancing, additional talent tabs, new Maneuvers mode and many other exciting changes!

New hero!

Another Khr’Amin has arrived in Praia. His name is Tu’Rehu, and he bears a curse laid on him by the gods themselves – a curse that’s both his suffering and his might! By inflicting injuries on himself during a fight, he is able to enter a berserker rage and become truly formidable in a fight.

This hero is available for hire at lord’s level 25 (requirements to the castle level to purchase the heroes were lowered, read more about it below) at a cost of 750 000 silver or can be hired for 299 gold without any level restrictions.

Click here to read more about the new hero.

Due to the release of a new hero, the price for Desperado was reduced. Now he is available for 500 000 silver or 199 gold.

Talent unbinding cost reduced

You’ve asked for it, and you’ve got it! Unbinding talents is now significantly less costly than before, particularly for exclusive and legendary talents.

The cost to unbind an exclusive (orange) talent has been reduced from 9 gold to a mere 9 prime crystals.

The cost to unbind a legendary (red) talent is only 9 gold now, instead of 14 gold.

In order to understand the effects of the new features - like the new talent tabs and rebalances - quicker, all players will receive theWhite Rune for 5 free talent unbindings. Runes will be given out automatically at the first entry into the game from 13. till 20. November 2015.

Global changes in game mechanics

According to polls the recently announced massive hero rebalancing was one of the most welcome and long-awaited changes among players. The main purpose of this rebalancing is to make Prime World gameplay fairer and the game itself more about player skill. Not only have we tweaked some heroes’ class talents, we have also revamped some general aspects of certain game mechanics. Read on to find out more!

Decrease in class talent stat-based gains

This update targets the too-fast pace of the game with the aim to slow it down a little. A slower-paced game will provide you with more opportunity to recover your losses or even turn the tide of the battle altogether. We also wanted to tone down “one-button killing,” something that particularly affects the Slayer class. To that effect, we’ve decided to decrease how much main stats affect talent efficiency. Among other things, this change increases the number of available strategies (in addition to the “double gank strategy” so popular in today’s Prime World) and countermaneuvers at players’ disposal. Read more about the reasons in the pre-patch announcement here.

The following changes have been introduced:

  • a 15% decrease in damage gain for talents based on Intellect/Strength/Agility/Cunning/Stamina/Will;
  • a 20% decrease in damage gain for Health-based talents;
  • a 5% decrease in damage gain for Energy-based talents.

Decrease in attack speed and critical attack gains

There’s no denying it: The heroes who rely on active class talents to get them through the game have been somewhat weakened. In order to bring the heroes who rely on auto-attacks down on par with them, the following changes have been introduced:

  • A 10% decrease in Agility-based attack speed. This way, a x2.0 attack speed that previously required Agility of at least 360, now requires Agility of 415 to attain.
  • A 16% decrease in critical attack chance. It takes Cunning of 380 to attain a 40% chance of delivering a critical attack (it used to take Cunning of 300 before the change).

Game mechanic changes: Defensive stats gain

In the past, players would often choose not to raise their secondary stats, as these stats would increase automatically based on the difference between them and primary stats. In order to give players more freedom of choice in planning out their defense tactic, we introduced the following change: 30% of every defensive stat is added to another defensive stat now. We’ve covered this change in detail before, in our announcement about defense changes here.

A number of other changes have been introduced as well:

  • СAll heroes now start out with a 12-unit reduction in each of their original defensive stats. The defense % granted by these stats remains the same.
  • Overall defensive stat gain has decreased in such a way that the primary defense % has slightly increased, while the secondary defense % has decreased.
  • Changes have been made to the defensive stats of all the towers, the soldiers, and the Touched. At the same time their defense % remains the same.
  • A new defense gain system has been implemented. It affects talents that employ non-standard mechanics; in particular, the secondary defense gain and both defenses’ gain will change. The modifier by which these talents raise defensive stats has been altered as well. This way, the talents that increase the lesser (secondary) defense now have a 40% less modifier than they used to, and the talents that increase both defenses now do so with 25% efficiency (on average).
  • Class talents that increase defenses are now more diverse. For example, Highlander/Immortal’s Blood Rage talent now increases the hero’s greatest defensive stat instead of increasing just the hero’s Stamina.

Increase in defensive stats for close-combat heroes

Let’s be frank: Close-combat heroes who do not have a way to quickly regenerate their health could not have given what for to anyone except each other. We decided to increase the original amount of defense that all the close-combat heroes start out with, and to decrease by the same value the amount of talent-regenerated health. While this will not significantly affect early gameplay for characters with talents that reduce ability cooldown, it will let such characters as the Shogun, Meijin, and the Prince of Thieves to hold their own on the battle line.

Almost all the close-combat heroes now have 15% more defense than long-range heroes in the early game. To balance this out, we’ve made the following changes:

  • Some heroes will get a 15% decrease in the efficiency of health-regenerating talents: the Highlander, Meijin, Kha’ka, the Vampire, Nāga, Toad Dwarf, and so on.
  • Some heroes will get a 15% decrease in the efficiency of talents that allow these heroes to heal their allies. Namely, these heroes are Artiste and Healer (except Angel).
  • The efficiency of the talents that temporarily increase Health (various shields) will decrease by 15%.
  • Finally, for some close-combat heroes defensive stats will now have less of an effect on their class talents (Nāga and the Unicorn).


Fire Fox/Flame Tail

The Fox’s problem was that, while she could deal incredible area damage, she was not much use against a particular target, nor could she really hold her own against any hero with health-regenerating talents.

The Fox is a farming-oriented hero who does not fare well in today’s dynamic gameworld with a lot of small-scale but frequent and violent skirmishes. We’ve decided to revamp the Fox’s ultimate ability to make her more useful both during early-game aggression and during the battle line stages. Her Strength build has been made more efficient too.


  • The Fox's fireballs now hit targets according to a more sophisticated logic that takes into account the amount of targets around the Fox. The cap is set at 12 fireballs per target at a rate of 1.7 fireballs per second; it’s an improvement from the Fox’s previous caps of 7 fireballs per target at 1 fireball per second).

Wind and Sparks

  • Damage dealt increased by 13%.


  • It takes 4s to deal 20% of damage (it used to be 5s). The damage dealt is not physical, but pure (Strength-based), which means that the amount of damage dealt is not affected by the Fox’s penetration and the target’s defense. What will the Fox say to this now?



We never considered Woodsman a weak hero. The damage this character can potentially deal is colossal, but it takes immense player skill to unlock Woodsman’s potential in earnest.

So, when we were working on rebalancing Woodsman, we tweaked his Tree talent and left his damage-dealing prowess unchanged. The tree is planted instantaneously now, but it takes 1.5s for it to activate fully (the same 1.5s that it used to take you to use the tree). The Trees’ defensive stats are now based on the hero’s Str/Int (and not on the hero’s Defense, as before). Altogether it will make it much easier to use the Trees to control the enemy, thereby increasing the latter’s survivability.

Wicked Tree

  • You can plant the tree instantaneously now; it will grapple the enemy in 1.5s after being planted. The Tree’s Strength and Health are now dependent on the hero’s Intellect or Strength, whichever is greater, without the need to learn Otik’s Call first.
  • When you learn Otik’s Call, the Tree’s defensive stats are still influenced by the hero’s Intellect or Strength, whichever is greater, and not by the hero’s defensive stats.



The Warlord’s weakness was his inability to go up against long-range heroes and heroes with healing talents on the battle line. Besides, some of the problems mentioned for the Fox are true for the Warlord as well – his talents were not well-suited to small-scale combat.

We decided to leave his damage the same but tweak his ability to defend himself using his class talent – with an upper cap, though.


  • The maximum number of effects has been reduced to 4, but their cumulative result equals that of the 7 effects before the change. Besides, the talent remains active for 5s after the Warlord loses his last ally.


Cryo’s Splinters were not the best update ever, and we did not fail to notice that some of the players actually removed this talent from Cryo’s build.

We also felt that Cryo was suffering from a lack of interesting game mechanics and ways to interact with other characters; so instead of meddling with energy and health regeneration, we decided to introduce a new mechanic to fix the broken Splinters. That’s right, a whole new game mechanic!

Ice Splinter

  • The talent targets only enemies now (it used to be that you could target allies too).
  • The Icy Impale mechanic has been completely revamped. Now, after you improve Ice Splinter, Icy Impale will deal additional damage. The amount of damage is calculated based on how much the target is slowed down. With a 50% slowdown, Icy Impale will deal 150% additional damage.



The Nymph is the game’s most versatile ganker/initiator at the moment, and unlike other gankers she remains useful even in case the attack fails, courtesy of her strong control abilities and the way she can lower enemies’ stats.

We hate to rain on the Nymph’s parade, but you can’t have it all. The Nymph loses some of her fabled versatility, but she does get a revamp of a mechanic that wasn’t particularly useful to her in the past.


  • Range decreased from 23 meters to 14 meters (the distance at which auto-attacking becomes effective). After improving this talent to Peacebreaker, it no longer drains enemies’ energy but deals them magical damage for every time they use a talent of theirs.


  • This talent used to lower both Stamina and Will of the Nymph’s immobilized enemies. It will only lower Stamina from now on.



The Wanderer’s rebalancing takes into account the new additional talent tabs, and wonderfully so.

Ever since this hero was introduced to the game, he was living testament to the saying “brain over brawn,” namely in that his Intellect build was far more popular than his Strength build. Well, sometimes there’s something to be said for sheer raw Strength, as the new and improved Strength-build Wanderer will attest!


  • This talent is now affected by either Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater (it used to be just Intellect)
  • Because original defensive stats and their gains have been reworked, the defense modifier has been lowered by 30%.

Decisive Attack

  • Damage dealt increased by 20%.


  • This talent is now affected by either Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater

Duelist/Prince of Thieves

In late game the Prince is a veritable walking killing machine, but the early game is a time when there is always someone better than the Prince for any given task.

We’ve decided to counter this by letting this hero shine a little earlier and by increasing his survivability on the battle line.

Relentless Shot

  • This talent has been moved from line 4 to line 3, instead of the Bloody Sharp Sword. All the players who had bought the Prince before we rolled out the update will get 27 blue talents from his original set.


  • Health regeneration (a Native Terrain bonus) remains the same, unlike other close-combat heroes.



It’s no great secret that the Inventor directly depends on his components to be efficient

Far from introducing yet another resource to tweak this hero’s gameplay, we decided to actually remove one of them. From now on, the Inventor’s abilities do not require Energy to use; his mana bar has been replaced with a similar component bar.


Fay/Fairy Queen

Fay is a complex enough heroine as she is, with her sophisticated game mechanics, so we decided to ramp up her efficiency a little.

Fairy Guardians

  • Duration increased from 5s to 6s, DPS remains the same.
  • Additional Native Terrain duration bonus increased from 2s to 3s.


Hero Strike

  • After the talent has been improved to Worthy Opponent, stun duration is decreased from 1.7s to 1s.
  • After the talent has been improved to Whirl of Steel, slowdown efficiency decreases from 90% to 70%.

Blood Rage

  • Now affects either Stamina or Will, whichever is greater, and not just Stamina, as before.


Painted Beast

  • Damage dealt decreased by 10%



  • The amount of health regenerated per unit of rage has been decreased. Now, with an Intellect of 300 and more, the hero will regenerate 20% of health less. At the same time the original modifier will increase by 5%.

Thrill of the Hunt

  • Additional damage increased by 20%

Fixes and improvements

  • There was a bug displaying the energy bar in orange color if this hero was on the team; this has now been fixed.
  • The hero will no longer inflict increased damage on the Magic Lantern object while attacking with Molten Barrel, Thrill of the Hunt, or Boldness (a Native Terrain bonus).
  • Now Mark of the Hunter can be applied to siege weapons in Outpost mode.
  • The hero is now available as both an Ally and an Enemy during training (when you’re playing with bots).
  • A bug has been fixed that would prevent current rage from being displayed upon returning to the game from a disconnected state.
  • Numerous bugs have been fixed in the Molten Barrel talent that would occasionally prevent it from going into cooldown and from spending rage to autoattack; the talent would also sometimes enter Boldness when used with Thrill of the Hunt or Controlled Fury.
  • Damage dealt by Desperado is now shown in standard font size. Discrepancies and general inaccuracies have been fixed in the hero’s talent breakdown. Shots are not animated correctly with Survival Instinct on.

Frog Whisperer


  • The hero could use their Catch! talent to drag the enemy to a site from which there would be no escape. Access to these sites has been restricted, and you can no longer jump into there.

Additional tabs

Although summarily a massive hero rebalancing was the winner of the player poll as to which change to the game would be welcome the most, the option to have additional customized tabs for each hero was a close second. The ability to have a few sets of pre-customized tabs allows you to configure a number of “builds” for each hero. We took into consideration players’ opinion about the tools that should be available, and we implemented them too! Now, for example, you can have a Centaur decked out for Strength or for Intelligence, as suits your mood. Or you can have different talent sets for various game modes.  

  • Every talent tab can have a user-defined name from x to y characters long.
  • All the talents bound to a hero are available in every tab. When you unbind a talent, it will be unbound from all the tabs too.
  • The pre-match window now has two buttons: Talents and Modes. Press on them to change functionality, mode or talent selection.
  • If you are rank-playing without a pre-match window, you will need to select the tab before you initiate a battle search.
  • Mastery points is individual for each tab.
  • Mastery point reset is now free.
  • The hero window graphical interface has been changed. The Hero tab now has the hero’s description as well as visual indicators of Attack, Defense, Talent Power, and Hero Difficulty.
  • For tavern quests the maximum parameter value among all the builds will be used.

New talent indicators have been added to the library:

  • If a talent is in use in the current hero’s another tab and bound to the current hero, a green-background helmet icon is displayed.
  • If a talent is not in use in the current hero’s another tab, but bound to the current hero, a green circle is displayed.
  • If a talent is not in use and is bound to another hero, a red circle is displayed.


There have been changes in how much silver you will receive for selling a talent:

  • For selling a blue talent you`ll receive 20 silver (used to be 80).
  • For selling a purple talent you`ll receive 80 silver (used to be 500).
  • For selling an orange talent you`ll receive 500 silver (used to be 1,000).

As a way to compensate for nerfing some of the class talents, cooldown has been increased for certain active talents:

  • Breath of Life picture: Cooldown increased from 60s to 75s
  • Shadow Cover picture: Cooldown increased from 90s to 120s
  • Earth’s Grasp picture: Cooldown increased from 120s to 150s
  • Mental Blade picture: Cooldown increased from 90s to 120s
  • Clairvoyance picture: Cooldown increased from 45s to 60s
  • Acid Missile picture: Cooldown increased from 100s to 120s


  • Active purple and blue talents do not require energy to activate.
  • Icy Power slowdown duration is now 1.5s (it was 2s).
  • There was a bug with the hero not being shown properly on the map when activating the Blind Seer set.
  • The Blind Seer set now correctly handles the invisible flag on heroes.
  • The dragonling from the Way of the Dragon set cannot be used as a target for any talent now. It used to be possible to target the little creature, but the talents would not deal any damage to it.

New mode: Maneuvers

Many players have voiced a wish to be able to fight in the Borderlands without it affecting their ranking. You’ve asked, and you shall receive! We’ve introduced this as a new game mode. The Maneuvers mode is just like regular Borderlands – except that playing in this mode does not change your ranking at all.

The game mode is available according to the following schedule (UTC):

  • 5:00-7:00
  • 10:00-12:00
  • 17:00-19:00


  • Extra animation effects (butterflies, beetles, and birds) have been enabled once again for Borderlands.
  • The probabilities of talent selection have been normalized for non-Borderlands modes.


  • New skin - Black Sorceress for The Hero Mage/Sorcerer is available in castle.
  • The price for the skin Fire Priestess for the Hero Mage/Sorcerer was reduced and is 69 gold instead of 99 gold now.
  • The Hero panel now has additional filters to sort heroes by their role (Slayer, Vanguard, etc).
  • The buildings in the Construction panel are now marked with icons that let you know at a glance which resource a building produces.

Additional filters for talents have been added to the library:

  • Health regeneration
  • (Although it doesn’t work on the Tireless Defender talent from the Clan Shop; this talent increases an allied hero’s health regeneration by a factor of ×1.8, for the hero who has the least % of health.)
  • Energy regeneration
  • Speed (Although it doesn’t work on items/talents that slow down an enemy, for example Icy Power, and Unbending; the latter has the following description: A hero’s speed increases by X% when going to a spawn point, until damage is taken or dealt.)
  • There is no longer a filter for the special green talents in the library, the sharpening window, and the forge.
  • It’s now more convenient to use purple talents in the sharpening window.
  • The warning message no longer appears when trying to use a purple talent to sharpen.
  • Selling a purple talent is now possible without a confirmation.
  • You can no longer reforge blue talents in the talent forge
  • You can now see a visual indicator in the castle that shows you how many of your friends are online.
  • You can right-click a hero and add them to the Inn/Teahouse.
  • The Construction and Hero panels have been significantly revamped and simplified. Some unnecessary buttons have been removed.
  • Filtering by talent for the current hero now correctly handles red talents (by not displaying them) for heroes who have not yet reached level 25.
  • A bug has been fixed that used to prevent the library from being upgraded to maximum level.
  • Some clans had a problem that would make it impossible for the daily points to be credited to the clan’s ranking. The clan point handling system has been upgraded, and this problem should be gone.

Known problems

  • Some players can experience problems with the display of halloween skins (Shriveled, Cutie Zombie, Calavera, Transylvanian). All owners will receive their skins back throughout the day.
  • After you`ve purchased any hero it can take up to 5 sec. till he appears in the castle (average duration is 3-4 sec.). During this short time you can't make any other actions (including to buy the hero repeatedly) - The castle interface won`t be available.
  • If you open the window with a hero after his purchase, all the purchasing button will disappear from the description window. Anyway, no resources will be written off even with repeatedly pressing the button.
  • After you`ve clicked on "Ready" in the lobby screen, the arrows with which you are switching between talent tabs will remain active. Be careful, so you won't go into the fight with the wrong build.

Friends of Praia! Today`s patch came despite all the beliefs not just on Friday, but on Friday the 13th! On this occasion we are giving a special «Friday the 13th Flag» to all our players!