Black Sorceress. Her beauty is deadly!

12 November 2015

A way without an end, a way with no beginning and no end… The way lies beneath the horse's hoof, clinging to the soles of whoever wanders on it and behind each corner it has prepared a new test. It is the way that chooses you, not you who chooses the way. She felt the burden of exhaustion on her shoulder, the obsidian star, which used to decorate her neck was now shining from the firmament. She descended off her horse, handing over the reins to the next boy running by and leaned against a gateway. Neither her exhaustion nor the dust from the country route could conceal her beauty, or prevent her from following her way ahead. She knew - somewhere, somebody was waiting for her. She can not falter.


The wonderful woman that everyone calls - Black Sorceress - could not clearly remember the events of her past. Only one fainting but persistent memory was stuck in her head. She opened her eyes and tried to stand up. It felt like everything was shaking underneath her feet so she lost her balance. Only with great difficulty she managed to stand up. Later, she realized she was sitting in a boat, close to the shore, drifting in the waves. She had no memory of the boat or the shore. She only had the distinct feeling that something important had happened. Now the question was - what happened? If only she would be able to remember the events of her past.


She had been sitting in a small village close to the border of the Prime-Zone for a whole week. Whenever the fog was shrouding the village, blurring out its’ borders, most of the small settlements were just barely still part of the Prime-Zone. This means only one thing - the villagers are always forced to deflect the waves of monsters attacking their home. No surprise really, in dark times like these… The intuition calls - something very important is about to happen.

The woman finished her tea, wrapped the coat around her shoulders and hurried to meet the commander. In today’s fight against the monsters, the sorceress played an important role. In the last weeks she had realized how weak the soldiers had become. Many had been injured, almost all of them were exhausted and could barely stand. They wouldn’t last long. If only reinforcements had arrived earlier…

An hour before nightfall the timberline flashed turquoise and the monster jumped out of the woods’ cover. The sorceress did not expect this amount of monsters, their numbers had increased in a very short time. But there was no time for these kind of thoughts - Energy Barrier and Fire Flail - all of it was necessary to stop the monsters from breaking through. The rows of defenders became thinner and thinner. She tried to hold the balance while standing on the wall casting spells to deflect the monsters. She had lost most of her strength but didn’t stop throwing fireballs. She never backs off. 

Her eyes catched the presence of riders led by a young man and a young woman. Immediately she was snared by fear. A nebulous memory from her past of terrifying riders took possession of her. She tried to extend her deflection shield over the whole village, but using her last strength could mean death for her! Darkness took hold of her, soothing her into sleep and then pulling her deeper into the soft embrace of unconsciousness.

She regained consciousness for only a few, brief moments. She could hear familiar voices calling for her. But even the burning pain couldn’t help her regaining full consciousness. The obsidian star at the firmament had vanished. She briefly saw the man who had stayed on her bedside the whole time while she was phantasising in fever and begged him to stay with her and never flee again…

After two days she regained consciousness. The first thing she saw was the man’s tired face which immediately formed a smile when he realized that she was back.

“You are back…”, the man turned to the door, “Gyrfalcon!”

Shortly after, a young, white haired woman entered the room.

The sorceress looked at her and realized that she was part of the group of riders that had approached the battle. The riders had been the villages’ reinforcement.

She smiled and continued her healing sleep.

Everything would be fine now.


To honor the heroes that deflected the monster, a banquet with dance was hosted at the castle. The sorceress leaned against a cold glass panel and smiled. Her way had found an end, she had reached her goal. Walking down the stairway she was smiling. In the hall, someone was waiting for her, the one who was worth going all the way. The Wanderer welcomed her at the end of the stairway lending her his hand. From now on he would never leave her again.

Name: Black Sorceress
Base Hero: Mage / Sorcerer
Skin features: new voiceover
Price: 69 Gold