New hero: Way of the Cursed Warrior

06 November 2015

Friends of Praia!

Here is more on our new hero who comes to Praia very soon.

Our last story ended with the moment when a young Khr`Amin had sunk his arm into the Prime Spring during the initiation ritual, then attacked his comrades and ... lost consciousness.

- You are - Tu`Rehu. From now on, this is your new name. A demon, pretending to be a human.

The voice of the high priest was strict.

- I ... What happened to me? - He felt terrible weakness and pain through all of his body ; and an unbearable sense of guilt. He now knew that the priest was right, perhaps not about his demonic nature but about him in general - he wasn`t a mere human anymore. Or even a human at all. The young warrior stood up from the cold ground and shook his head. He intently looked away from the Prime Spring, where the bodies of his comrades lay. 

- I should be asking you this question. What happened to you? What were your thoughts, when the Prime peered inside your soul? 

- I ... - Tu`Rehu shook his head again, as if trying to remember something, or on the contrary, trying to forget. - I was hesitant. How exactly could I introduce myself to Prime? At first I wanted to do it the same way Ha`Ka and Da`Ka did, but at the last minute ... - he swallowed - I collected myself and plunged only my arm into the Spring.

The high priest was silent. 

- I ... I thought it would cause unbearable pain. So I decided to act the way my mind told me. I know myself, and I know what I can do, better than anyone. 

- Yes. This is true. But you should also have been able to hear your inner voice, through your own fears and doubts, and accept them to be able to overcome them. Your mind told you that you could be a hero. But at the last moment, you turned your face away and chose the way of fear.

The priest stood up. His voice was still rough.

- But the Prime also knows what your abilities are. The force with which you have just fought, it seems like you have become one of those who know how to cheat death. You are a hero. But you have started walking this path with the murder of your friends. Only your cowardice has lead to it.

Tu`Rehu began to moan. 

- We curse you! We - your tribe - curse and cast you out. Never come back and never forget that this place was once your home. We - Khr`Amin - curse you. No one will give you shelter, because you are too dangerous. Prime has also cursed you for your cowardice, just as you have cursed yourself, with this mark on your face.

But then the lower priest began to speak:

- That is true. Prime has cursed him. But it has also blessed him! It has given him an almost unlimited power. He is a hero, but not like Ha`Ka and Da`Ka. The mark on its arm is not just a pattern, it is raw Prime. Look into his eyes and you will see Prime flowing inside of them. The handprint on his face - the Prime has marked him twice!

- Yes, you are cursed and marked. No one can predict your fortune, but there is no doubt that you will have an extraordinary destiny. Now go away. We need to take care of your friends.

- Can I at least take leave of them and help you?

- You may take a leave, but we do not need your help. 


Tu`Rehu was sitting on a stone. A pile of dry wood beside him, He threw them in the fire. The flame illuminated his face - his lips were firmly pressed together, the Prime handprint was on his face, the pattern going from his arm to his upper body. Many months had passed since the last terrible events, but they felt to him as years. At this time he almost walked through the entire Khr`Ay continent, his reputation before him. The Khr`Amin respected him, but all the same, also feared him... fear that stemmed also from deep-rooted, hidden contempt. Whenever he came into the settlements, he was offered food, but never was invited to the campfire to share it with the others.

Cursed and marked by Prime... 

He hunted a lot. Not so much because of hunger, but to understand his new power. And soon he had understood the whole irony of Prime: The more furious and powerful he was, the more pain he felt and deeper his wounds were. He did not fear pain anymore, on the contrary, he longed for this atonement, on the eve of every battle! He had become a fearless warrior.

His power was a sight to behold: his arm infused with Prime left his enemies with even deeper wounds than his favourite brass knuckles. Adroit and fast, he could defeat a lion in seconds. 

But how long could he hunt lions in a desert? He was a warrior, not a hunter. When he reached the Spic Sea and tried to cross the Khr`Ay, he went north to go where he could finally unleash his power and discover its true potential. To where no one knows that he is cursed. The handprint cannot be hidden - but he could let others think he had been marked by Prime. He would probably not conceal this part of his story. 

The coal crackled in the hearth. It smelled of humidity. The salty air could be felt, yet there were still two days of traveling left to reach the sea. Tu`Rehu raised his head - and winked so his eyes better accustomed to the darkness. The fog in front of him seethed. There was something odd - the smell the fog carried... and a strange feeling he only could sense before a fight ... Maybe that was the fog, rumours of which had also reached Khr`Amin? They said this fog could distort the way, so that something that far away seemed to be within reach and vice-versa. Travelling to the sea would take days, but only a few steps if he went through the Mist. Yes, he knew what awaited at the end, but did not falter. 

Tu`Rehu clenched his fist on the medallion he had taken from his slain friend - he intended to use it as a Catalyst to hand over to his Lord during the signing. He took a deep breath and stepped into the fog... 



Our new hero’s name is - Tu`Rehu. 

He is one of Khr`Amin, a tribe inspired by the culture of the Maori. The first hero of this tribe is - Ha`Ka - which is also the name of the "war dance" the Maori performed to intimidate their enemies.

New Zealanders perform Haka even today, but fortunately only on sports fields.

The most famous performance of the Haka today is made by the New Zealand rugby team, called the "All Blacks". This team starts every game with a Haka to inspire themselves and to intimidate the opposing team before the "battle" begins:

In Maori mythology "Turehu" are demons that live among people and ancestral spirits, both harmful and helpful, who once taught the Maori how to weave fishing nets. The spirits Turehu were also sometimes named “Children of the mist”. According to the legends, Turehu could not live in the sunlight and appeared only at night or in dense fog.

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