Halloween preparations!

20 October 2015

The autumn wind started blowing in Praia. With it come changes and riddles as it blows away the dust of old myths and stories. At nightfall the shadows darken and remind us all of the gathering of evil spirits around the world. More and more horror stories are being told at the campfires. The whole continent prepares for the night in which the gate that seperates the living from the dead world will be flung open to unleash the evil forces. The night in which the dead rise and the witches saddle their brooms to plague the common people.

Warriors of Praia!

Halloween-the night of uproar and rise of the evil powers is upon us!

The heroes are already preparing for this special day. Be it by sharpening the sword, feathering arrows or training ones agility in order to quickly take cover in a pumpkin - erveryone is getting ready. And while everyone is busy with preparations, we came up with something for you as well.

Horror story contest!

Bring those legends and horror stories to live! Write a story about one of our topics. It doesn’t matter if it is a funny story or a gruesome thriller, let your fanatsy run free. But remember to stick to the theme of Halloween and tell your story the praian way. Get to know the rules and deadlines in this thread.

Exciting quests!

On top of all that there will be a suprise waiting for you in the castle! From today on, every other day you will get quests with three tasks each. Once you have completed all those quests, the talent group “Secret of Immortality” will be unlocked.

Stay tuned for more news!