Our servers are online!

15 October 2015


Dear nobles!

Thank you for your patience that you have shown during maintenance today! We hope that we have fixed the problem, which caused various bugs after the patch installation this morning. However, if the game works unstable, please contact our support immediately.

Patch 10.5.2 that was installed on our servers solves the problem of low FPS, which many players have recently faced. We apologize for the prolonged correction of this issue and want to thank all of those, who sent in their logs in order to help us locate and fix this error in the game.

Patch 10.5.2 also prohibits the use of modified versions of the game client, including the current «Maphack». Attempts to avoid the system will be punished with permanent ban of game accounts without any further warning.

In gratitude for your patience and as compensation for all the inconveniences, we will reward all players with 4 days of Golden Age and five White Runes. You will get your reward automatically on your first entry to the castle, starting today (15th October 2015) and ending on 15th November 2015.

Thank you for your patience!

Prime World Team.