Tournament completed – summing up!

14 October 2015

Warriors of Praia!

The combat noise dies down on the tournament map, as is time to lay down arms and take a breath. However, this peace and calmness lasts only a moment before the battles in the Borderlands continue with new power!

During the two weeks of our tournament in the new format4 285 games were played! 139 560 gold and 17 540 red (legendary) crystals found their new owners and many new teams were formed. We hope that this trial by fire united each of you with your allies into a single powerful force and you will continue to improve as a team — so that we hear of you in the upcoming tournaments!

Now let us take a look at the final statistics of our tournament:

Congratulations to all who won prizes! Those who had "just a bit more to go" to get to the podium, we urge you to stay positive — in the future, you will surely succeed! Our special thanks to the participants of our screenshot competition — we reward them with extra prizes!

We remind you that this tournament was the first trial run of such an event. We took into account all your wishes about the format of the tournament and in the future we will try to implement them. We have plans to divide our players into several leagues in order to make confrontation more intense and interesting. In addition, while planning the timing of the next tournament, we will take into consideration the interests of different regions, so that the maximum amount of players have an opportunity test their strength in this competition format. Therefore, we will do such event in a new, improved way!

Once again, we thank everyone for participating and congratulate you on your honestly earned prizes!

See you on the battlefields!