Stop! Banhammer time!

13 October 2015

Dear nobles!

On the battlefields of Prime World we let our actions be guided by a sense of sportsmanship. In games in the real world, be it a sports competition or a poker tournament, participants who are caught cheating or using unapproved means to achieve victory are punished by being banned from participating further. The same rule applies to Prime World as well, specifically mentioned in the Terms of Service / EULA: for modifying the game client as well as using a modified game client the player account is banned permanently.

Unfortunately, not all nobles in Praia are as noble as to keep up the spirit of sportsmanship. Alas, there are those that think that victory justifies all means. Particularly, also hacking the game client to introduce cheating mechanisms that, for example, reveal the positions of all characters in the "fog of war". This is akin to using a marked card deck or doping. For such actions, the perpetrators are ignominiously removed from the game forever, and their achievements are cast into oblivion.

Cases of usage of modified clients with a "map hack ", which have been on the rise recently, have forced us to start applying the strictest measures to perpetrators.

In the past several days we banned over 400 accounts from those found breaking aforementioned rules. We hope that this just retribution will be warning enough to all other players. While we are finalizing the fix for the vulnerability allowing the use of a modified client, we continue monitoring the situation.

List of perpetrators

Let's play fair!
Your Prime World Team