New details of the upcoming hero rebalance

08 October 2015

Lords and Ladies!

We continue to tell you about the upcoming changes in Prime World. Just as in first look at upcoming hero rebalance, we will start with a description of the rebalance reasons, than move on to our plans for the future and how they will affect the game.

Why do we want to do this?

The first reason: very fast battles. Initially we wanted to make battles more measured than they are now, and make sure that the game does not punish players with death even for the slightest errors. We want to broaden the possibilities of counter play and give more variety to every game situation.

The second reason completes the first and is the key to the third reason: Some heroes can easily reach some critical level and after that, they just do not leave any chance to the enemy in open fight, even with an equal amount of Prime on both sides. Firstly, it concerns Heroes, which can cause a lot of damage in a short time - slayers and strong casters with small cooldown.

The third reason: strategic sameness, which was recently formed. We are talking about double ganks, as the main strategy in the overwhelming majority of matches. We must say, that we like the dynamic of dual ganks, so our goal is not to remove this strategy, but to give some development to other strategies.

We have marked the rebalance reasons, now let us talk about what will be actually changed.

How will we do it?

To correct the problem of one shooters and to broaden the counter play opportunities, we have decided to reduce the growth to all damage in the game. It will not affect cooldown abilities of heroes, in order not to break the dynamic which our players already know. Instead of this, we have decided to reduce the growth of skills efficiency from Strength/Intellect/Agility/Cunning/Stamina/Will by 15%. At the same time, the effectiveness of the initial efficiency will remain unchanged.

Let us consider the actual damage reduction on the example of the ability "Thunderclap" of the hero Lightning Master/Storm Thrower:

At 300 Strength now:
   At 300 Strength in 10.6:
Without stacks: 1108
Without stacks: 940
With 5 stacks: 3048
With 5 stacks: 2585


The growth to the skills of Health will be decreased by 22.5%. This value is bigger than the reduction of the growth from Strength/Intellect because the Health usefulness will be increased after general damage reduction.

The growth to the skills of the Energy will decrease by only 8.5%, because there are not so much talents on Energy now.

Of course, it would be unfair to reduce damage only by casters. That is why damage reduction will also affect heroes that hit with strikes, but in another way. Loss and growth to the strike will remain unchanged (otherwise, it would inevitably affect casters that also use strikes), but the growth to the speed of the attack from Agility will be reduced by 10% and an increase in the chance of critical damage from Cunning by 16%. In that way, 2.0 attacks per second will be achieved at 415 Agility (currently 360), and chance of critical attack by 40% can be reached at 380 Cunning (currently 300). The growth to the Penetration will remain unchanged.

What changes are we waiting for?

Firstly, it will be more interesting to play against the murderers and for them. Relative slayer damage remains the same as before (because all characters damage was reduced), but it will become more difficult to make one shoots. This will directly increase the importance of the ability to play as a slayer and against them.

Secondly, it will increase the number of game strategies. The strategy of double ganks remain relevant in the early game, but will weaken on bigger levels, making demand other ways to benefit for the team – mass assault on the towers, production in the Scroll Workshop and gathering additional Prime in the wood.

Thirdly, the most important change - with the battle duration increase, the ability to position the character and to choose priorities acquires big importance, which will greatly diversify and increase the number of game situations. It will be interesting for both, for experienced players and for beginners, who will be punished for small mistakes a little bit less, than it is now.

See you on the battlefield!
Your Prime World team.