Tournament – our third report!

07 October 2015

Looking at the statistics of our second report you haven`t ceased - even for a single moment - in your attempts to earn glory in war, to enrich your experience while participating in fierce battles, to multiply the number of stuffed Kittens and Dragons at Praia`s fairs and of course to get your well earned reward.

This means that with the fighting spirit on the highest level and the fire in your eyes still burning, this is the best time to set free all the untapped Prime!

Brave warriors of Praia, it is time to collect all the remaining forces and quickly rush towards the finish line of this tournament!

Remember that you need to show off the best of your skills, because only your finest accomplishments will affect the beauty of the figures in the tournament infographics, so it is in your hand to make them truly spectacular.

Show us that you can see things through till the end!