Tournament — our second report!

03 October 2015

Dear warriors of Praia!

Our last report was held six days ago, and we continue to give you some information about the most interesting events from the venue of our current tournament.

As we have said before, the start was very intense and memorable, all teams showing serious fight with each other, so sparks flew far beyond the Prime Zone borders.

Do you want to know whether the fire still burns in the hearts and in the eyes of the fighters or that even the most ardent recruits eternally rushing into battle and always full of energy now tumbled down, resting on jagged swords?

Well, we present you visual statistics of the tournament intermediate stage. Our reporters collected it on Friday but due to intense battles, we got it only today. However, we still hope that it will give you the answers for all your questions!

The tournament continues! Follow our news to stay up to date!