Tournament – our first report!

30 September 2015

Warriors of Praia! As promised, we want to share with you the latest reports from the battlefields!

As expected, the tourney began extremely hot, since many teams in high ratings plunged into battle. Many of them already repose on their laurels counting gold and crystals they have gathered. So now there is a brilliant opportunity for players who are still hungry for wins and experience to show their worth.

But enough said, let us look into the statistics of the first two tournament days:

Many warriors rushed into battle to be the first to reach the top and reap additional prizes. Not all have succeeded in finishing the tourney so fast, yet within our English-speaking community we also have a team that has completed the tournament, winning 7 consecutive battles. The following players will be rewarded with 250 gold for this feat:

  • illuminat-
  • yerpy
  • Sir Blasphemy
  • LaughingManCZ
  • Zdradek

Keep on fighting! The tourney is far from over!