New tournament format – Ready!

24 September 2015

Dear nobles!

Today we want to introduce a new type of in-game activity – a different format of tournaments. It’s important to note that this does not preclude tournaments in the familiar sense – on the contrary, in the future it can be used for qualification rounds of “classic tournaments” – with tournament brackets and single winners in top places. In this case it will run independently concurrent with the 3v3 community tournament that started last Sunday.

Participation scheme

Now you won’t have to register for the tournament and pick match times! Each player will receive a chain of 7 quests. All of them will have the same task – win 1 battle on a special map in a team of 5 players. By completing the task the player advances to the next quest in the chain.

However, these quests have one important difference – they also take defeats into account. Quests 1-5 can be considered qualification. If the player fails one of those, they return to quest 1 and can start anew. The number of attempts in unlimited. Quests 6 and 7 are the finals. All players who reached this stage will receive valuable prizes, while the prize value corresponds to the level of their achievement. From this point it’s all or nothing, since the chain will be over in case of defeat at this stage.

Players who win 7 battles in a row without defeats, thus completing the seventh quest, will be the main winners and receive a special reward!

Tournament map

The tournament matches will take place in a special game mode, which is a copy of the Borderlands map. Matchmaking of this mode does not consider rating or power of the heroes.

The prerequisites for entering the special map are as follows:

  • A team of 5 players.
  • A tournament quest active for each team member.

The mode does not change the rating of the heroes nor does it give battle rewards.

Team composition

It is not necessary to complete all stages in the same team – the team composition can change. It is necessary that all players in the team have a tournament quest.
The heroes may also be different in each battle, but – as in Borderlands and other modes – the team may not have one and the same hero twice.

So it begins!

Tomorrow, September 25th at 09:00 UTC, all players will receive the first quest, which will grant you access to the first stage of the tournament. Only the most steadfast will reach the top, since all stages have to be completed without defeats!

The tournament will end on October 9.

The rules

  • Tournament map will be open each day from 16:00 until 20:00 UTC.
  • The goal of the tournament is to achieve 7 victories in a row, without defeat.
  • In case of defeat during the first five stages the chain resets, restarting from stage 1.
  • In case of defeat at stage 6 or 7, tournament participation ends – with the corresponding reward.
  • Participation is open only for full teams – consisting of 5 players.
  • The players on a team can be at different stages of the tournament.
  • Tournament progress in individual for each player, so you don’t have to play in the same team for all stages.

The rewards

  • The Golden cup and top achievement is 120 gold. This is the reward for the stage 7 quest.
  • The Silver cup is 10 legendary (red) crystals. This is the reward for all, who lose the battle for the stage 7 quest.
  • The Bronze cup is 50 prime crystals. This is the reward for losing at stage 6.

Please note that in this tournament format the number of winners – and thus the number of prizes – is unlimited. Everyone can become a winner with some luck and will to fight!

And to make it more exciting

The first three teams to reach the top will receive an additional prize!

Each team member will receive 250, 200 or 150 gold – for the first, second and third place respectively.

Don’t forget to post the screenshots of your victory and quest completion in the special forum thread! Do please note that we can only consider the time the screenshot is posted, not the time of the actual victory!

Prepare, warriors of Praia! Gather a team of trusty friends and onwards to victory!