Talent tabs: first look!

22 September 2015

Dear nobles!
One of the features often requested by our players are additional tabs for heroes’ talents. Today we’d like to give you an update on the progress of this feature and show the first screenshots.

Additional tabs will allow you to save several builds for one hero. We add two additional tabs, so that one hero can have three saved builds overall.

Here’s what the hero interface with 3 talent tabs will look like:


Each build tab can have its own name. The length of a build name can be up to 15 characters – the first half of it will be displayed in the tab.


Talents in all tabs carry over by default – you don’t need three copies of the same talent for one hero. I.e. one talent can be at once used in all three builds of one hero.

Naturally, the tabs are for different character developments and as such also allow for separate mastery points distribution. The mastery points can also be reset on a tab-by-tab basis. Additionally, with the patch that implements build tabs, the mastery points reset will become free (instead of currently 5 prime crystals).

Since different hero builds might have different power, matchmaking up to rating 1600 will choose teammates and opponents based on the build tab that was active when battle search started. The lobby will allow switching between hero builds to pick the one most suited for the party. Of course, during battle the build cannot be switched.

We hope that the option to have several saved builds for a hero will help you discover them from new angles – and make your game experience more interesting and diverse!

See you on the battlefield!
Your Prime World team.