Desperado. Mask, Cape and two smoking Barrels

01 September 2015

Campfires lighted the riverbank – the Flaming Night festival filled the otherwise tranquil landscape with people. The light almost reached the thick undergrowth where a young man stood in the shadows. He peered into the crowd looking for a certain person. He still had debts to collect…

…There he is, the treacherous Lord. Time to collect! And then he might drop by the nearest Castle to also collect the reward offered for the Lord’s head.

Content with his plan, Desperado straightened his cape and moved into action.

Role: Fighter
Castle level requirement: 40
Price: 750 000 silver / 299 gold (without castle level requirement)

Hero abilities:


Hero abilities require no Energy. When attacking or receiving damage, the hero accumulates Fury, which is spent on talents. Losing Fury for talents or over time heals the hero.

Survival instinct

A powerful shot from both pistols damages the first enemy hero and any creatures in its way and its recoil propels Desperado backwards.

Molten barrel

The hero channels the accumulated Fury into his pistols’ barrels, dealing increased damage with each attack.

Mark of the Hunter

As long as the Mark is on the enemy, its speed is decreased and each Desperado’s attack accumulates more Fury – the more furious the hero grows, the more trouble it spells for the enemy!

Passion of the Hunt

The hero uses all of his Fury to enter a special stat, which empowers his attacks and his class abilities cost nothing to use.