New hero and an improved authentication mechanism – patch 10.5 installed

01 September 2015

Lords and Ladies!

Prime World 10.5 has been installed on the server! A new hero awaits, along with an updated login algorithm, five rebalanced heroes, and much more.

You can read more details about all of the changes below.

A new hero
Upgraded Login Algorithm
First win of the day
Silver price change
Unbinding rare and unique talents

A new hero!

Meet our new hero: Desperado! His primary feature is the accumulation of Rage that he then spends with his class talents instead of Energy!

This new character is available for hire for lords level 40 and up. He costs 750,000 silver or 299 gold.

We’ll give you more info about this hero in a separate announcement.


Upgraded Login Algorithm

Some changes have been made to the server’s login algorithm. If the player is already logged in on the server for some reason, he will be forcefully logged out when another login occurs. This new mechanism will fix the problem message “a client with this name is already playing,” as well as problems completing the First Strike mission.

First win of the day

Silver amount for the First win of the day increased from 2 000 to 10 000.

Silver price change

Silver price in gold reduced to less than half compared to earlier. Instead of 700 silver for 1 gold, the player now receives 2000 silver for 1 gold.


All hero prices in gold reduced:

Heroes priced:

  • From 79 to 134 gold now cost 49 gold
  • From 154 to 399 gold now cost 79 gold
  • At 499 gold now cost 199 gold


Artiste was a very strong hero for the entire length of the game, and her rebalance is among the most important changes in this update. We’ve increased the mana cost of Artiste’s talents in order to limit her aggro and make the character more dependent on careful mana usage in the early game. Her damage and the duration of the Color of Life talent have also been reduced, to mitigate the amount that Artiste could pressure any hero on the lane.

  • Painted Beast Talent
    • Initial talent cost increased from 125 to 150.
  • Palette Talent
    • Each point of Paint accumulated reduces the cooldown time of class talents by 6%, instead of previously 7%.
  • Color of Life Talent
    • Duration reduced by 1 second (from 5 seconds to 4).
    • Total damage/healing reduced by 20%. This means that the amount of damage/healing per second did not change.
    • Initial talent energy cost increased from 90 to 110.

Blade Master/Sesha

Blade Master/Sesha had difficulty fighting on a lane against other heroes in the early and middle game, so we’ve made the following changes:

  • base Health increased from 800 to 850 and base Strength from 55 to 58
  • Hypnotic Taunt Talent
    • This talent is now activated without an animation, saving the hero fractions of a second that it lasted.
  • Mass Hypnosis Talent
    • Chance of Evasion increased from 20% to 40%
  • Enchanted Blades Talent
    • base Life Drain increased from 2 ... 15.03 to 6 ... 25.5


Vryl’s Strength build was too powerful and could perform many functions on the battlefield, all the while dealing tremendous damage. To limit the versatility of his abilities, the damage dealt by him has been reduced.

  • Aggressive Assault Talent
    • Each attack now deals 75% instead of 100% damage. So, additional damage heroes receive from Aggressive Assaults has been reduced to 50% (instead of 100%).
  • Toxin Replenishment Talent
    • Stun time reduced from 0.4 seconds to 0.3.


Shadow/Whisp was very powerful when performing surprise attacks on the enemy (ganking), especially since this hero could hide an allied hero without losing her own invisibility. The converse worked, too: Whisp could hide an attacked ally while herself hiding right under the enemy’s nose. Now Whisp has a difficult choice in these situations: remain hidden herself, or hide her ally.

  • Shadow Protection Talent
    • Using Shadow Protection on an allied hero (not on Shadow herself) removes Shadow’s invisibility. Doing this activates a 14-second cooldown on the Cover talent, just like dealing damage.
  • Invisible Help Talent
    • The Invisible Help talent now increases Strength OR Intellect, not both as before.


Healer provided incredibly strong support for her allies, and most importantly, she did not need to be nearby to provide it. So we decided to limit her effectiveness on the map:

  • Land's Blessing Talent
    • This talent no longer has a range covering the entire map; it’s now equal to the range of Muse/Bard’s Magic Violin talent.
  • Healing Talent
    • This talent’s range has been decreased by 2 meters (to 14 meters), which is Healer’s attack distance.


  • The static images of heroes have been replaced with animated 3d models.
  • Now, when 3 exclusive talents are reforged into a legendary talent, whether talents are bound or not is ignored. This means that reforging will always produce a legendary talent that is not bound to any particular hero.
  • The algorithm that populates the goods list in the Fair improved. Now no goods can appear repeatedly – or be absent repeatedly for a protracted period of time. Offers are also now distributed more evenly. An indicator icon was also added, showing that the wares list is refreshed.
  • New training tasks added to introduce players to the Fair.
  • Bug fixed, wich made the Fair’s update timer display a negative time.


Bug fixed, which caused the Secret of Immortality and Way of the Dragon sets to activate simultaneously upon the hero’s death. These talents now work as originally planned, with the following priority:

  • Secret of Immortality -> Way of the Dragon -> Class Talent (e.g. Immortal’s Immortal Spirit)
  • Bug fixed, where the hero would not become invisible upon activation of the Chance's Edge talent with the Chance's Shadow upgrade.

Unbinding rare and unique talents

As a logical continuation of the changes made to talents in 10.4.1, rare and unique talents are no longer bound to heroes at all. Talents already bound are unbound for free.
In addition, the way talent unbinding runes work has been modified:


Talent Type






Only exclusive


Only exclusive


Only exclusive

White Rune