Patch 10.4.1

20 August 2015

Dear nobles!

We present patch 10.4.1 that we promised you last week. As mentioned previously, it is dedicated completely to in-game price reductions and progress speed increases in early stages of the game.

See the full list of changes below.

Crystal price in gold reduced

We quartered the gold price for prime crystals: now for 1 gold you can buy 2 prime crystals (instead of 1 crystal for 2 gold).


Silver prices for heroes have seen significant changes:

  • All heroes from 120 000 to 199 999 silver now cost 120 000 silver;
  • From 200 000 to 499 999 – 200 000 silver;
  • 500 000 and above – 500 000 silver.

First Win of the Day

From August 20, the first win of the day in Borderlands now brings even more rewards:

  • Each player receives guaranteed 2 purple (unique) and 1 orange (exclusive) talents for the first win of the day;
  • The improved first win of the day reward is also available to new players who have yet to achieve their first 10 victories.

Initial hero progress speed increase

  • Amount of experience gained for battles by heroes level 1-18 increased 3.5 times.
  • Orange (exclusive) talents as battle reward now no longer depend on hero level or rating (instead of requiring level 15 and rating above 1500, as was before). They can only be used by heroes who reached level 15 however.
  • We reviewed the talents received by heroes for reaching a certain level. Now at level-up a hero receives:
    • For level 1-10 – blue (rare) talents;
    • For level 11-20 – purple (unique) talents;
    • For level 21-25 – orange (exclusive) talents (sets “Native Ground” and “Awakening”).

Talent unbinding

Price for unbinding blue (rare) and purple (unique) talents changed – now the unbinding costs 1 silver (previously 1000 silver and 6 gold accordingly).

Removal of green (special) talents

From August 20, all green (special) talents stop dropping in battle as well as in the castle: they are removed from battle rewards, from the Inn / Teahouse rewards; they can no longer be created at the Talent Garden / Forge or attained by other methods.
All present green (special) talents at the moment in players’ libraries or on heroes will become blue (rare). Their power contribution and attributes will increase accordingly to the level of blue (rare) talents.

The Fair

  • Refreshing of the fair offers is now cheaper – 2 prime crystals (instead of 3 previously).
  • Due to removal of green (special) talents from the game, blue (rare) talents no longer appear at the Fair. Instead, purple (unique) talents will appear more often.
  • Purple (unique) talents now on average cost 13 000 silver (was 210 000 silver).
  • Prices for orange (exclusive) talents in gold and prime crystals reduced: up to 19 gold (was 99 gold) and on average to 40 prime crystals (was 55 crystals).
  • Chance of red (legendary) talents appearing at the Fair increased.

Golden Age

  • Each player receives 7 days of Golden Age ( ) at level 5. All players from level 5 to level 19 will receive the 7 days of Golden Age as a missed reward.
  • Due to removal of green (special) talents, a player with Golden Age will now receive only purple (unique) and orange (exclusive) talents as battle rewards and in the Talent Garden / Forge.

Have fun!
Your Prime World Team