Summary of the live address to players – hot topics!

14 August 2015

Dear nobles!

The live address by the Executive Director Alexander Myasischev to Prime World players has enjoyed unprecedented attention, with a multitude of questions that needed to be answered.

Here we would like to summarize the main points of the announcement and the question round.

Based on your feedback and suggestions, right now we’re working on the following changes, which will be implemented in the immediate future:

1. We will review and significantly lower the price of practically every in-game entity. For example, a prime crystal will become 4 times cheaper, refreshing the Fair assortment – 1.5 times cheaper. The actual prices at the Fair itself will be lowered as well: price of blue and purple talents will drop 7- and 10-fold respectively, price of orange talents – 5-fold. These changes will concern all in-game prices and come into effect at the end of next week!

2. We will review and increase the progression speed for new players manifold – so that within 2 weeks they reach a comfortable playing level compared to older players. Additionally, the removal of green talents with the next patch shall also help new players. Changes to the first win of the day reward will allow new players gear their heroes faster, as well as become a nice bonus for everybody else – 2 purple and 1 orange talent for the first win of the day shall become a pleasant addition to your talent collection!

3. Also, in response to numerous requests of more frequent tournaments that all players could participate in – and the number of winners and prizes not be limited by the “olympic” system – we are developing a new type of tourney. It will be launched at the end of August / beginning of September – and if it is well-received, we shall make it regularly reoccurring and introduce a league system. More details regarding this system will follow in the coming days as separate news on our website.

Regarding further plans on project development – from now on they will be created together with players, so that Prime World moves in a direction that is interesting to everyone!

Alongside other interesting information we mentioned, that hero rebalance will take place more often – for instance, Artiste will be weakened very soon. We also said that the efforts of the Prime World team will be focused on the frequency and quality of new content generation – new heroes and skins. Lastly, we stated the timeframe for the new hero release: beginning of September.

A full synopsis of the livestream will be published on our forums soon.

Sincerely Yours,
Prime World Team