Legend of the red crystals and mobilization heroes honouring

30 July 2015

Birth of red crystals

Dear nobles!

The collective strength did persevere against the onslaught of hordes of monsters in the end! The heroes reached their goal!

Adrea, leaning on the stone steps of the Temple, raised her hand in the age-old greeting. At the same moment, the amulet hanging on her neck spent its last drop of prime. Time seemed to slow to a crawl.

The chain breaks and the amulet starts falling to the ground.

Mid-fall it breaks apart into teal and red sparks.

The sparks reach the ground soaked in Prime and blood…

An explosion such as the one that thundered at the steps of the Temple, sundering the ground, has not been seen in Praia for a very long time. Prime streams burst from the ground, mixing with the sparks of the spent amulet. The Fog, not held back by Adrea’s amulet any longer, enveloped them and absorbed the Prime bursting form the ground.

When the Fog slowly dissipated, it became apparent that this event affected much more than the vicinity of the Temple of the Old Gods – Adrea’s Artifact was not a common one, and its transformation at an old place of power changed something in Praia.
Prime enveloped the splitters of the Fire Spark and changed with them. As if trying to conquer them, encasing them in a crystal cage – a fiery red one.

The red crystals now appear more and more often all over Praia – foreboding global changes in this world.

Our heroes

Thus, the March to the Temple of the Old Gods! Through joint efforts, we have achieved 25 231 567 assists and killed 115 283 monsters!

Each participant of the march was rewarded for completing the quests. However, Adrea wants to distinguish 6 outstanding players who have proved to be the best in the dire fight against monster hordes!

The most assists during the mobilization were made by:

  • [LeV]This Is Your Butt Speaking — 565
  • [-FW-]Dart25 — 526
  • [-McG-]redmissile_ — 458

For their valiant efforts, Adrea rewards them with 5 days of Golden Age and 50 Prime crystals!

The most kills were made by:

  • [-McG-]Garrek — 305
  • [-McG-]DominoFx — 278
  • [BUL]ExCluSivEe — 272

These players receive 10 days of Golden Age and 5 red crystals each!

Congratulations on the well-deserved victory!

See you on the battlefield!