Prime Time Cup Community Tournament

22 July 2015

Warriors of Praia!

Amidst the summer heat, warriors and lords from all over Praia wish to earn glory on the battlefield – all the more glory when you fight against other renowned warriors, instead of the usual fodder of the Borderlands.

The Prime World community, on initiative and with active participation of wolf_monster and Apustar Captain, shall come together to do battle in the name of glory – and fun! The “Prime Time Cup” 3v3 community tournament will start on July 30th. All players form the EN and DE regions are welcome to participate. To register for the tournament, visit our forums. The details of the tournament as well as the rules can be found in the tournament thread in the forums as well.

The prize pool is jointly funded by the community and Nival, with gold, prime crystals, skins and heroes to be earned in fair combat!

Don’t hesitate to participate, for glory, victory and monetary compensation!