Patch 10.4 Preview

21 July 2015

Dear nobles!

The next patch for Prime World is due soon. Which means that once again we will offer you insights in what changes await you soon.

New Building – the Fair

There have been numerous requests and suggestions to make it possible to exchange resources for other in-game goods / items. In response to this, with patch 10.4, a new building will appear in the game – the Fair. In it, a number of random items will be available to any player – these can be exchanged for resources, silver or gold. The specific list of items and their price will be generated randomly for each player and change daily. However, for a small amount of crystals the list can be refreshed at once. Each day a total of 7 items will be available for purchase, with 3 more in castles with Golden Age.

Tournament system

The community-inspired 2v2 tournament for Russian players was met with much enthusiasm and preparations are underway for the Summer Community Tournament for English- and German-speaking players. We have decided to organize tournaments more often and the new patch shall help us streamline the organization. Registration for the tournament will become simpler. A special quest will be offered to all players, the reward for this quest will be tournament registration. Then all players who completed the registration quest will receive a tournament quest, which grants access to a tournament map that will record battle results. No manuals tournament brackets will be required for the elimination rounds – teams will be matched with each other automatically from the pool of players registered for the tournament. The finals will still be organized personally.

Changes in Borderlands

In order to make the game more dynamic and help balance the faculties of all heroes, we make the following changes in battle:

  • To increase the importance of elite monsters, their respawn interval increases from 4 to 5 minutes and their prime reward increases as well.
  • In order for Kitton to not affect hero choice, we shift his initial appearance from the fifth to the seventh minute. This should increase the variance in strategies and team setups, which was limited by the early appearance of the cat. This small change should have a great impact on early game experience of many heroes.

This, of course, is not the full list of changes in 10.4. Stay tuned!

Prime World Team