Bikini contest!

17 July 2015

It’s midsummer already – and the weather has been spoiling, up to – at times – boiling us. Let’s take nature’s hint and have a summer contest. If you know what I mean.

Praia’s bikini contest

Create a noticeable Prime World themed beach image for yourself, choose the right angle and take a photo of yourself – then post the photo in a special thread on our forums. We will choose the most creative styles and reward them generously!


The most creative photos will be rewarded with 2 skins of your choice*, 70 crystals and 300 gold. Depending on the number of submissions we will also distribute further prices, in the form of 1 skin of your choice*, 50 crystals and 250 gold.

*from those available in the castle

Contest rules

  • Any accessories may be used
  • The style can represent a hero/skin, or try to portray a generic Dokht / Adornian character.
  • Beach as a setting is encouraged but not required! The photo can be taken in the city, in a forest or anywhere else – but the overall atmosphere has to be of summer and beach fun.
  • 1 photo – 1 style.
  • Several photos can be submitted, but only 1 of them might win.
  • The photo has to contain the Prime World logo – it can be printed or hand-drawn, but may not be added to the photo digitally.
  • Make sure to submit your (in-game) name and a brief description of the style with the photo.

The winners will be announced on July 27.

Summer! Prime World! Bikini!