Patch 10.3 has been installed

15 June 2015

Dear nobles!

Maintenance is over. Time for new achievements and victories! We do advise you, however, to first get acquainted with these patchnotes — here we go into detail on what has changed in the game with Patch 10.3. There are many changes, but the information is worth the time!

This update is mostly about Power, systems against unsportsmanlike conduct, clan wars, interface improvement, as well as other things. We also rebalanced some heroes and talents. Read on!


  • The library’s max level has been increased to 250. The additional 70 development levels allow the storage of 1208 more talents.
  • If a team has players with communication disabled, messages indicating this will be displayed in the chat room, along with icons on the friends panel in the Castle and on the battle stats screen.
  • The display of quantities of resources already produced has been improved. Previously, if a Prime Distiller/Pearl Farm produced, for example, 0.4 crystals, the display would round this to 0, possibly making users feel like resources had been lost. The full quantities are now displayed.
  • Quests have become more varied. In some, you can now choose which tasks to completeor which reward to receive.
  • The Inn/Spa now has a button that automatically fills the building with heroes.
  • The buildings in the Construction panel have been reorganized into a smaller number of tabs.
  • The size of status and quest icons has been reduced.
  • If clicking a resource refill button would bring up a context-based purchase menu, it will now turn the button gold.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the reward for completing a quest to disappear if the player failed to collect it before the quest expired. The reward is now automatically sent to the player.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made name colors in groups differ from actual player name colors.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes assigned a player deserter status for leaving a contract battle.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong time of increased production for the Prime Distiller/Pearl Farm.


Some visual improvements have been made to the interface:

  • The health bar over a character’s head now also displays shield strength
  • Health and energy bars for a character are now highlighted when a player selects that character. This should help orient users in battle by making their target more visible.
  • If a talent’s range extends beyond the edges of the screen, it is displayed on the minimap. For example: Bard/Muse’s Charming Melody talent.
  • To prevent the True Sight effect from being applied twice, Potions of Vigilance and True Sight Potions can no longer be used if the hero already has the True Sight effect.
  • The battle results screen interface has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed two Lanterns to be placed in the same place.
  • Fixed a bug that, in rare cases, divided the health bar into an incorrect number of divisions.

Battle search by power

To make game matchmaking more balanced, the search algorithm has been adjusted. It now attempts, within each rank, to select teams with roughly equal power. This new rule applies both to full groups and individuals.

Please note that matchmaking is still conducted based on heroes’ ranks – power is only taken into account for players who are most often found in gameplay situations with a large difference between the power of the combatants. This currently includes the rank of sergeant and below. Matchmaking does not take power into account for newbies – those who have fewer than 10 victories – unless they currently have deserter status.

Changes to soldiers’ behavior in combat

The reaction of soldiers to attacks on an allied hero has been improved. These attacks are now guaranteed to provoke the soldiers’ aggression on the attacker.

However, soldiers now only react to attacks on allied heroes, not attacking spells. Soldiers previously did not always switch to an enemy hero if that hero attacked an allied hero with AoE talents (such as Cryo’s Blizzard talent) or delayed damage (such as Artiste’s Painted Beast talent). This rule is now equally enforced for all hero talents.

Actually, this will not affect lane gameplay too much, since in most cases, an enemy hero’s attacking ability would not cause soldiers to switch targets to him, assuming a hero attacked a soldier shortly after the ability was used.

Changes to attribute growth

We’ve reworked the dynamics of stat growth from clan bonuses, from hero levels in the Castle and in battle, and from Hero Strongholds. They now better match the growth of stats caused by power. Previously, stats would be boosted by 1/36th of the total of all figures just mentioned for each hero level, allowing the hero to become stronger while using cheaper talents.

The complete table of stat growth from power follows:

  • Level 1 — 6%
  • Level 2 — 9%
  • Level 3 — 13%
  • Level 4 — 16%
  • Level 5 — 23%
  • Level 6 — 33%

Due to the decreasing duration of the average match, which is caused by the effectiveness of piling stat points into damage (and ignoring survivability, active talents, and other stats), we’ve decided to limit the growth of heroes’ Penetration and Critical Hit Chance. Now, when a hero reaches more than 400 Cunning or Agility points, each subsequent point will have a 25% weaker effect on his or her Penetration and Critical Hit Chance.

Quick messages in battle

We’ve collected a large amount of player feedback about the quick message system, and in response we’ve reworked its functionality to make it more convenient and simple to use:

  • The quick message menu has been greatly simplified. Sending a quick message now takes only 2 clicks / key pressesinstead of 3.
  • In your Castle, in the keyboard setup menu, you can now change the hotkeys bound to quick messages.
  • Besides hotkeys, you can now also select quick messages with the mouse.
  • A unique quick message sound has been added.
  • The color of quick message text has been changed to improve visibility.
  • Fixed a bug where a repeated click on the quick message menu wouldn’t close it.
  • Fixed a bug that caused earlier quick messages to be invisible in chat after returning to a battle.

Game replays and spectator mode

Both teams can now be made visible. Areas invisible to players of both teams are also hidden in this mode. Visibility settings can be toggled with the shortcut Shift+M. The Dokht side is always colored green, and the Adornian side red.


  • Petrification no longer gets a 15-second cooldown from the use of any combat talent.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Chance's Edge talent to activate twice in a row.

Improvements to penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct

The current penalty system only monitors and punishes players who have declined to rejoin a battle after leaving it. As promised, in the new version we have improved the penalty system to better handle players who deliberately allow the enemy team to kill them and/or stand motionless at the base. The new system uses a specialized algorithm to find and “tag” these players during battle. If several other players complain about the “tagged” player during this battle, the system will consider this an offense equivalent to deserting the battle. Players with a certain number of these offenses will be punished with deserter status.

Remember: a player can only lose deserter status by completing a battle in the Borderlands with other players. Deserter status has no time restriction and thus never expires, unlike the penalty players receive for abandoning a game from the pre-game screen. There is no other way to clear deserter status.

In addition:

  • Players with deserter status are not allowed to send public chat messages during battle.
  • When a violator you’ve reported is punished, you will now be informed via a message in the admin messages tab in castle chat.



  • Fixed a bug that caused the Transformation talent to not go on cooldown if it was used on the Blade Master/Sesha during his Deadly Dash or on Frog Whisperer/Swamp King during his Jump.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Blood Ritual talent to continue even if Vampire/Dahaka has been knocked out of the target area (by Woodsman/Witch Doctor’s Raging Skin, for example).

Pied Piper/Rat Master

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Charming Melody talent not to subjugate an allied Destroyer/Flame Thrower but to stun him as if he were an enemy hero.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Charming Melody talent from stunning Woodwose.

Night Queen/Black Panther

  • The Survival Instincts talent now works on the panther if the latter’s health is lower than the hero’s.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the heroine’s beast to vanish without a trace in Challenges after being hit by Amanita Infanticidis.
  • Fixed an animation bug that occurred when a hero was stunned while using Unity.

Frog Whisperer/Swamp King

  • Fixed a bug that allowed a hero to use the Catch! talent to drag enemies into inaccessible areas.


  • Fixed a bug that kept Archons boosted by Mindflayer and one Inner Flame upgrade from attacking an enemy tower.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the Keeper of Life talent from activating after death.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed the hero to raise a flag while the Black Tornado talent was still active.

Soul Reaper/Soul Сatcher

  • Fixed a bug that, in rare cases, allowed the hero to kill himself with the Ghost Whip talent.

Clan Wars

The clan hierarchy has become rather stagnant recently. It is now very difficult to improve your clan’s position, and motivation to fight for more powerful vassals is low. We would like the fight for places in the rankings to be more active and more fair (better quality of games, not just higher quantity) and would like the influence of vassals and fighting for them to be more important in clan wars. To do this, clan war mechanics have been refined, and the economy of clan wars has undergone some significant changes:

  • To make clan rankings more accurately depict the ranking of its members, points have been heavily weighted towards the rating of games played instead of their quantity.
  • To balance out the increase in points awarded for high game ratings, the cost of personal rewards and talents in level 7–9 shops has been increased.
  • To increase competition at the higher rating levels, the maximum number of vassal clans has been reduced from 8 to 5. If a suzerain clan has more than five vassals, the lowest-ranking clan(s) will be released.
  • The vassals’ share in their suzerain’s strategy point income has been significantly increased, from 30% to 80%.
  • Failed Capture status (which prevents an aggressor from repeating an attack immediately after a failed attempt) now lasts for only 1 day instead of 3.
  • A vassal is now considered a former vassal (capturing former vassals is 20% cheaper) for 7 days instead of 3.

Other changes

  • Siege timers not take maintenance into account.
  • The hint for the To Battlebutton now shows tips on how to get extra tactics and strategy points.
  • Fixed a bug where the description for the Inflow of Silver clan bonus failed to mention that the bonus increases Manufactory/Weaving Shop capacity.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some the status of store items to not change for some clan members, even if they had already been purchased.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “waiting for suzerain clan’s decision” statusto not appear for a vassal who has surrendered.
  • Fixed a bug that kept bonuses from a player’s previous clan available even after that player changed clans.
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the game session after returning a talent to the clan.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some talents not to return to their owner when a hero using those talents left a clan.

New power threshold

Players with characters whose power is 2000 or higher now get a red nickname with a special glow effect.