Second Preview for Patch 10.3

05 June 2015

Dear nobles!

As promised, we reveal more information about the upcoming patch 10.3. We will talk about penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct, changes in the clan economics and new principles of soldier behavior in battle.

Read the first preview here.

Improved penalties system for unsportsmanlike conduct

In addition to the two penalties systems already in place, version 10.3 will add a new “shoot-off system”. Now, in addition to leavers, the target is also painted on players who purposefully die at opponents’ hands or stand at the base motionlessly. The minigame won’t save the offenders either. We implement a system that will track such players and if several other players complain about the tracked player during one battle, the system will consider this an offense equivalent to deserting the battle. As is the case when actually deserting a battle – if the behavior continues – the player will be marked as a deserter. Remember, the deserter status can only be removed by playing battles in Borderlands to completion.

Changes to clan economics

To bring in more dynamics into the somewhat stagnating clan hierarchy, the Clan Wars and clan economics mechanics will be extensively reworked. In order for the fight for places in the rankings to be more active and more fair, strategy and tactics points received will weigh heavily towards the defeated opponents’ ranks instead of number of battles. Fighting for stronger vassals will become more important since the share of strategy points they give to their suzerain increases from 15% to 100%. E.g. a clan with 4000 daily rating will give 4000 points to its suzerain, as opposed to 600 up to now. Also, the maximum number of vassals decreases to 5 (if a suzerain has more than 5 vassals, those with the lowest rating will be dismissed). Other changes will also be implemented toward the common goal – create a tense situation in clan wars.

Clarifications of improved soldier behavior

We have received a multitude of comments to our first preview regarding the changes in soldier behavior – we would now like to dot the i's.

Regarding the concern that mages would now have an unfair advantage against melee heroes – situations, when an enemy character attacks the hero with talents only are quite rare. Spells with delayed action (such as “Painted Beast”) as well as some AoE abilities functioned even less transparently, often not drawing aggression at all. So the situation will change, but not as much as it might first seem.

Regarding the current situation where two heroes can throw punches at one-another, while the soldiers fight each other nearby – this happens due to the soldiers’ aggression drawn by each other overrides the aggression drawn by the hero. This is a consequence of the current aggression system and is not right. It is also not transparent, which creates a performance gap between players who know of this peculiarity and those who don’t. Melee heroes deserve a separate mention, since they currently rely on soldiers to offer resistance to ranged heroes. In harsh terms – it is a flaw of the system that we are now fixing.

New Power criteria in Matchmaking

After the first preview went live, many players expressed their concerns that matchmaking by power – in case the lobby follows afterwards – will only harm the power discrepancy between teams. We have heard you and decided to lower the limit for matchmaking by power to ranks without lobby – Sergeant and below. We will check on lower ratings, how this innovation affects gameplay and if it will seamlessly integrate for games with pre-game lobby.


Your Prime World Team