Conquer her heart — contest winners and discounts for all!

29 May 2015

Dear nobles!

Today we’re glad to announce Praia’s strongest and bravest warriors who participated in the battle to conquer the heart of a young beauty – we congratulate them on their victory and present the prizes. Along with this celebration starts a sale of popular heroes and their skins!

Mobilization winners

First prize goes to the player who made the most kills during mobilization:

  • [-McG-] redmissile_ - 143 kills

He receives 3 female skins of his choice and 2 weeks of Golden Age. To receive the reward, please contact your community manager Miroslav “miromou” on the forums.

Second prize of 1 week of Golden Age and 50 prime crystals goes to:

  • [Rawr] Onijutsa – 93 kills

This player will receive the prize automatically by logging in to Prime World.

Weekend Sale

A favourite hero sale also starts today: from 15:00 UTC on May 29 until 09:00 UTC on June 1, buy your favourite heroes at up to 50% discount in gold:

Doctrine / Demonologist
499 gold/ 249 gold
Witch / Moira
499 gold/ 249 gold
Vampire / Dahaka
499 gold/ 249 gold
Ha’Ka / Da’Ka
499 gold/ 249 gold
Defender / Guardian
499 gold/ 249 gold
Vryl / Nox
499 gold/ 249 gold
499 gold/ 249 gold

Any skin for these heroes can also be purchased during the sale for just 39 gold!

Leveling galore!

From 15:00 UTC on May 29 until 09:00 UTC on June 1, a great bonus to level up your new heroes – x3 experience in battle!

More talents!

From 15:00 UTC on May 29 until 09:00 UTC on June 1, receive 4 talents for each crystal spent at the Talent Garden / Forge!

Level up and dominate!