Prime World Patch 10.3 Preview

26 May 2015

Dear nobles! Patch 10.3 is around the corner and we are going to uncover some of the upcoming changes. Let’s start with the most interesting!

Influence of Power in Matchmaking

We have received a lot of feedback and ideas from you, on how to change matchmaking so as to take Power into account when searching for battle. We have carefully considered all your suggestions and eventually decided to implement the following changes.

With version 10.3, matchmaking will search characters in such a way that the average Power of each team is at approximately the same level. The new condition does not abolish battle search by rank, but complements it. It will be applied only in Borderlands and only for ranks where the Power difference would reach critical amounts, thus heavily affecting gameplay – i.e. all ranks up to and including Captain.

Improving Soldier behavior in battle

Earlier it would sometimes occur that soldier aggression was incorrectly distributed among enemies nearby. Thus sometimes soldiers would not react to auto-attacks on an allied hero, yet quickly react to damage from talents. These aspects were reworked and soldier behavior in battle became more clear and straightforward. I.e.: soldiers only react to auto-attacks against an allied character. Attack talents and spells will not affect their aggression. This seemingly small change should cardinally change early game experience for many heroes.



This is but a small part of what awaits you in Patch 10.3. We will soon tell you more about the upcoming changes. Stay tuned!

Always Your
Prime World Team