Conquer her heart!

22 May 2015

It has been a long time since Praia had been so heated! Battles against enemy heroes and soldiers, against ravaging beasts and monsters continue around the clock and on all fronts. Each hero tries to participate in as many battles as they can. This time, however, they don’t do it just to cement their position in the army, confirm their status as a hero and master of their craft. Now they have a better goal!

The time has come for an only daughter of a mighty lord to marry. Rumour about her beauty and virtue has carried news of this development all over Praia. But how can a beautiful, smart, well-mannered and virtuous young lady marry a random stranger?

Which is why her caring father set up a great contest to find the very best for his only child. An experienced warrior himself, the Lord has set difficult tasks for the contenders – and merits in Borderlands alone will not suffice!

To all contenders

Complete quests and participate in the mobilization to receive prizes!

Attention! Only players who complete the quest "Conquer her heart!" (part 2) are eligible for the mobilization.

  • The player with the most kills in the time from 09:00 UTC on May 22 till 20:59 UTC on May 25 will receive 3 female skins of their choice and 2 weeks of Golden Age.
  • Further 5 players who killed the most heroes will receive 1 week of Golden Age and 50 prime crystals.

And from 09:00 UTC on May 22 until 09:00 UTC on May 26 you receive 20 additional talents for the first win of the day!

Prove that you are worthy of an ideal bride with great pedigree and rich dowry!