Patch 10.2.2 has been installed

12 May 2015

We have rebalanced some heroes that were previously unable to unfold their full potential due to low defense and susceptibility to sudden attacks.



  • Talent “Components”:
    • Now when using class talents, for every 5 components missing the hero’s Speed increases for 4 seconds by 3% (from base Speed);
    • Upon death Inventor always revives with full Components;
    • The talent no longer increases the damage of hero’s attacks when component count is low, since the effectivity of such bonus would be low due to short duration.
  • Talent “Turret”:
    • Cooldown reduced from 4 to 2 seconds;
    • Turret’s Agility no longer locked and fully depends on hero’s Agility, resulting in the Turrets’ Penetration being equal to the hero’s Penetration. The turret’s attack speed however is still 1 shot/s for the duration of the match and does not change with the hero’s Agility;
    • Due to the turrets’ Penetration reduction in early game, we compensate that with a 9% damage increase.
  • Talent “Clockwork Bomb”:
    • The bomb now also works on invisible targets.
  • Talent “Vita-Generator”:
    • Cooldown reduced from 4 to 2 seconds.
  • Talent “Machine Gun”:
    • Damage from hero’s Strength increased by 20%;
    • Immediately after activating the talent the hero cannot move for 0.3 seconds, to prevent accidental cancelling of the cast.


  • Talent “Color of Life”:
    • When applying the talent to any target – friend or foe – applies all positive effects of the talent to Artiste herself;
    • Speed decrease/increase raised to 40% from previously 30%;
    • Duration reduced from 6 to 5 seconds, while retaining the overall damage / healing amount, thus increasing the effectiveness of the talent, since now the full effect is achieved sooner.
  • Talent “Painted Beast”:
    • Damage increased by 15%.

Lightning Master / Storm Thrower

  • Talent “Overload”:
    • Energy cost reduced from 100 to 60;
    • Cooldown reduced from 22 to 16 seconds;
    • Duration reduced from 7 to 6 seconds, retaining the overall damage;
    • Increases the hero’s Speed by 35% while the talent is active. With the upgrade “Lightning Speed” the Speed increases by 65%;
    • With the upgrade “Lightning Speed” enemies hit by Overload are slowed by 30% for 3 seconds;
    • Overload now affects enemies for its whole duration, even is the hero is not moving.
  • Talents “Rage of the skies”:
    • Cooldown reduced from 135 to 100 seconds;
    • Energy cost reduced from 460 to 340.

Eraser / Assassin

  • Error fixed, which allowed “The Mark” to increase the damage of more than one class talent, if they hit the target simultaneously, e.g. “Insidious Throw” and “Decisive Strike”.


  • Error fixed, which allowed gathering more resources from a building, if it was placed into storage.
  • Error fixed, where the amount of items available in the clan shop only updated with client restart.
  • Error fixed, where resources gathered from several buildings immediately after castle loading would return to the buildings.